Under Review: The Dinosaurs Will Die Team Video


Who slips a dollar under their DVD wrapper? Dinosaurs Will Die, that’s who. The dirtbag rats of snowboarding finally got it together enough to make a video, and guess what? It rules. The music makes parents angry, the riding gets you pumped and the editing is fast and ferocious. The DWD Team Vid is this year’s must own film, and that’s not just the dollar talking.

This one starts like an atom bomb. An explosion of color, noise, music and frantic snowboarding. In this instant you realize everyone on the team sent it a little harder for DWD. Even the credits are fun to watch. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Chris Larson. Everyone’s favorite juvenile delinquent is all grown up and taking the first part. He does a lot of tricks, and they are all hard, plus as the song picks up so does his part. It’s basically an onslaught of reasons to believe in this team.

Lucas Ovellette can method and backflip off stuff. You know what else, he can jump off mountains and do legit nollie frontboards. This kid has a good ride ahead of him.

Ben “Mother Fucking” Bogart is officially pro and rockin’ his own pro model. So he had to bring it, and in his classic bravado laden, hip hop heavy style he brought double corks, mini shred and everything in between.

The RATS section showcases the talent of all the dudes DWD is floating boards to. It almost makes you want to move to Tahoe to live with 30 dudes in a shitty house so you can snowboard all day everyday.

Brendon Hupp clearly gets picked on a lot, but he also punches people in the face and snowboards really well. If you liked Love/Hate, you’re going to like this part.

Matt Heneghan and Garrett Swenson share a part. It’s got rowdy little kids, it’s got rails, it’s got hangout footage, it’s got mean ass dogs, it’s got falls, it’s got Satan, it’s got bangers. What else could you want?

Chris Brewster is down for old ladies, shitty junk food, beer and really easy tricks on really difficult things. To see Brewster be way better at snowboarding then last year, or to just watch him eat cigarettes, you’re going to have to pick up a copy of this video.

You can thank Sean Genovese for this video, company and ridiculous part. Dude rides really fast, goes really big where most people wouldn’t go at all, is for sure the best on the team and now one of my favorites from the era. If you’re still not sure about buying this movie take this into consideration, this part will be talked about for years and years to come.

  • Dunno

    Good call on Jay Reatard in the trailer.

  • obviously

    Bogarts part is gonna be sick!

  • emma earl

    saw this video last weekend. seriously considering buying it myself.

  • Rat

    Geno 4 prez. Legendary part!!

  • merica

    this video is definetly worth buying. its straight to the point

  • stufart

    that dudes arm was too gnarly in the beggining

  • classic yobeat jumpin on the dick of the most “COAR” video out there.

  • winnipegwonder

    No andrew geeves?? who is he even riding for these days? Heard he got punched out by walsh

  • hobo

    geeves blew it. moving to bum fuck nowhere and expecting to keep the sponsors happy? kid doesn’t have his shit together, still doesn’t even have a drivers license….

  • onefootNETHOD

    hahahaha kittenpuncher. yobeat just cant win. you guys fucking suck lol

  • splash log

    where can I find out more about walsh punching out geeves.

  • doghugger

    Kittenpuncher Sounds like somebody at a bigger company is jealous. And dropped out of english class.

  • Louis Macindoe


  • mr&mrsdouchebag

    100% real deal…Geno,Jeff and the Rats are taking over!

  • norm

    im canadian so can i have a loonie instead? eh?


    I spank to this vid meow.

  • John

    this video was terrible, i’m sorry. Loud music and punk ass kids? Come on, is that what snowboarding should be about?

  • @hobo

    geeves blowing it? haha watch dope III.

  • Debbie Downer

    Your right John! I hope we don’t break our hips next time we go out snowboarding too. It’s tough being 70.

  • Larson

    Loud music and punk ass kids? Not a single shithead in our crew. If you aren’t t-rice maybe go spank it to him cooking an egg in slowmo in a helicopter being filmed by a helicopter with one extra helicopter just for the redbull logo. That’s snowboarding forsure, not a bunch a broke ass rad kids putting their heart into a whole year of slams, shitty cold days and medical bills for you to watch.

    Maybe just watch planet earth and realize you have no spot in what actually is snowboarding..

    @hobo geeves is killing it forsure. saw him in vancouver this year, dope 3 is dope. Guaranteed he’s not reading you’re comment or taking shit from DC, probably getting double the pow days walsh is now

  • John

    @larson it was sarcasm. Thank God you actually wrote what you believe instead of disliking the comment. I agree with everything you said! fuck red bull and helicopterz. Also, if the music is too loud, you’re too old, and if you think the kids are punks….welllll….we would like to kindly ask you to (as us punk kids say) FUCK OFF.

  • hobo

    oh no! getting told by a sponsor that gives you shit and pays you money, such a travesty!

    kid had the chance to make a name and legit career. he blew it.