The People’s Court: Michelle Zeller vs. Mariah Dugan


After the Desire Melancon full part, some would argue women’s snowboarding is coming along. Which aspiring professional do you think has what it takes to win the coveted peoples court battle?

Michelle Zeller

Mariah Dugan

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The People’s Court is a weekly competition and is open to any amateur snowboarder. You may be sponsored to play, just not paid, son. The winner of each weekly battle will receive a pair of goggles from Arnette Eyewear and be in contention for the year-end battle with a grand prize of a one-year Arnette sponsorship. To submit your edit, email the link to [email protected]

  • ach

    I didn’t think girls snowboarding could get any worse… Then I saw it in slow motion

  • Colin

    the first girl has bad style even for a girl

  • bur

    seriously tho dump em out

  • JP Walker

    No contest. Mariah wins. I’m gonna go email her now.

  • eastcoastfuckshit

    snaaaaggle tooooth

  • molespit

    Instead of a neck warmer I would simply like them to sit on my face this season

  • RH

    Though Zeller is a local, Dugan killed it. You can tell she rides with they guys by her “bag of tricks” and her style. Way to go!

  • Dunno

    While watching Mariah Dugan’s video, YouTube chose to show me an ad for Hepatitis C medication. Mariah sounds fun.

  • boneyballsack

    second girl by far. the first slowmo’d every single trick

  • Beast Coast

    the 50-50 switchup to zeach, sameway 135 out in the first edit was a hammer. red gerard is way better than both of these bitches, so apparently lacking a Y chromosome is a bigger disadvantage in snowboarding then being 12

  • Jonny

    first girl …. i hate womens snowboarding

  • well…

    my dick didnt even wiggle

  • Handbannana

    God damnit Michelle i took one of those shots and u didnt even give me no credit! 😛

  • fuckboi

    damn. if i had tits and a vagina i would be pro by now

  • PileS

    dont show womens snowboarding unless theyre on some kind of jess kimura / isabella level. thanks

  • -bob duato-

    45 second intro for a straight air. thanks for that one

  • weinerhouse

    I dont trust anything that bleeds for 7 days and doesn’t die

  • What a bunch of raw jocks. Kooks.

  • squares

    womens snowboarding never left the early 2000’s. second chick for at least being able to ride her board

  • Mumm-Ra

    Michelle Zeller was at least going big and learning some real jump tricks. Style and board control can be improved (bend your knees! spend most of your season riding trees with boys). Mariah had much better style but doing the smallest, easiest stuff. I don’t get the disparity in the vote between the two, nor the blatantly disparaging comments about women (as opposed to the state of women’s snowboarding, which is a different story).

    And for the editing…. no one needs to see regular boardslides and 50-50, or just about any other trick really, on 1 foot tall park rails, boxes and mailboxes. Just looks dumb and detracts from anything good in the vid.


    Woman’s snow boarding is bullshit. The shitty go pro edits all the kids post from windells are better then this shit

  • ray sphinktor

    do girls not understand style? haggard ass girls

  • oieshfsdiof

    this is fucking pathetic

  • Dug Fisher

    is this some sort of sick joke?

  • ble

    anti flag? rides pow? girlfriend material.

  • yup

    @beast coast being a girl is a disadvantage because of they way there hips are. as a girl your hips are better suited for giving birth. they are wider which points the legs outward and changes their center of gravity. makes a big difference. and even if you are better than both girls, there was a point where you werent but you probably wanted to be filmed anyway

  • wumbo

    So happy I was distracted by the repeated shots from the IRPC movie.

  • @yup, excuses are like assholes…

  • Jake

    those edits were awful. norts

  • mn


    Stick to giving birth then

  • jboy

    can michelle zeller front side 3?

  • POL


    Just answer this simple question then,

    how come girls in gymnastics can do all sorts of flips and spins that are way harder on their joints, way more difficult, way more ballsy, and it even looks cool?


    Love the hate comments, keep em coming!

  • alexa mccarty

    michelle has scabies.

  • shredboy6758

    true statement^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • Punchbear

    Alexa is the scorpion queen.

  • bernt milk

    second that true statement^^^

  • Punchbear

    Alexa is the scorpion queen

  • future drunk

    michelle is a prime example of why i hate girls snowboarding. I was scared she was going to fall or hurt herself the whole edit. she looks like she is fighting herself the whole time with those JP arms, and her knees look uncomfortably stiff. Fortunately, those “grabs” are pretty diverse… along with her bag of tricks. I would pay to see a proper method, nosepress, front board, switch back 3, etc… mariah at least didnt scare me as much but still both should dump em out

  • Ouchhh

    Only time a woman should be respected, is when shes making a sammich.

  • Mom

    My dick smells like chapstick

  • post alexa mccarty’s edit! i heard that chick is on top!

  • ashley wendorf

    why wont ride give me boards, wtf.

  • oh wow

    i like how michelle got 4% of the votes

  • i like how girls are fighting each other in the comments.

  • asphinctersayswhat

    This chick owns both these shitty edits

  • Alexa McCarty

    Why won’t cobra dogs hire me back???

  • bestvirginia

    keep god out of snowboarding? fuck that, keep girls out of snowboarding

  • @asphinctersayswhat you cant be serious. that broad sucks. bs willy slide pretzel and back 3 tailfish? get real

  • yess

    The z rail would have been sick if Mariah made it to the end.

  • Poor Ethiopian Boy

    Is that what a kitchen looks like? I have never seen one before this.