Haunted Hyland

House of 1817 loves to get spooky! Here’s their short film by Jake Durham and Riley Erickson filmed entirely at Hyland Hills in Bloomington, MN.

Filmed by: Jake Durham, Riley Erickson, Brett Spurr, Tanner Pendleton, Jon Stark

Edited by: Jake Durham and Riley Erickson

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  1. wumbo
    wumbo says:

    I swear everything fronius does will be the most popular trick we’ll see in edits this year, the really good ones that is.

  2. PoofaceKillah
    PoofaceKillah says:

    YEAhhh! Fronuis kills that shit.. I don’t understand you Jerm.. This is seriously the most entertaining shit.. I rather watch this than most snow flicks

  3. OP will surely deliver
    OP will surely deliver says:

    So many rad dudes killin it in one edit! Cant believe I waited this long to watch this edit, Duluth love homies

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