Rome SDS Makes Jonah Owen Pro

During a season without a board sponsor, Jonah Owen spent last year on his own schedule completely killing it. He took to the streets and backcountry to stack footy and quite possibly take the “hardest-working snowboarder” award in 2012. This season he has already cashed in $10k from a 1st place finish at Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails at Bear Mountain, and checked off early pow runs during the first snow fall at Bachelor.

He’s also joined the Rome SDS Pro Team.

We could spout about Jonah’s riding, but YouTube and Google do a much better job. Sponsored or not, he loves to ride snowboards. That matters. Watch for big things from Jonah in the seasons to come, including Rome’s film project he’s jumping into in a few days.

So crack a beer and cheers with all of us here the Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate… we’re stoked to welcome Jonah Owen to the Pro Team!

  • Congrats Jonah! You deserve it Doggy!

  • LAZZ, DOE?

    Jonah on. Lazz off?
    Where the fuck is Lazz doe?
    Weigh-in on this Tahoe locals?

  • jerminie

    bout time

  • Paco

    It is about time! Congrats!

  • minnesotanice


  • hmmm.

    Who’s going to pick up Alex Andrews?

  • @hmmm

    Alex works for Burton now.

  • CA, CO, UT

    he has for a while ^^

  • icandigthat


  • go skate or shred and stop worrying about who is riding for who. go make toe and heel turns!

  • Jonah we diggin it