Protest Rock a Rail Jam Video


Now featured by popular demand!

We thought it was not possible to top last years event but it happened. Ones again the sickest railbattle that has ever been went down in The Hague, Holland. Thousands of spectators got amped by good music, good snowboarding and hail. During the finals the party erupted and the crowd didn’t let the rain and hail stop their jumping and bouncing and cheering.

It’s impossible to capture that vibe in a video especially because I was cheering just as hard when I should have been filming. Blame the rain.

1. Len Jørgensen
2. Ethan Morgan
3. Cees Wille

1. Rachida Aoulad
2. Gina Somaini
3. Dina Treland

Best Trick: Gerben Verweij (GV Constructions, co creator of the event) Frontboard on his selfmade quadkink.

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    why isn’t this featured

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    that setups too legit


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    Racism towards Russians. where was Denis Leontyev?

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    In the video before Cees Wille…

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  • This made hdhr look like a joke. Good things can happen when you don’t make snowboarding look like a stunt demo posted up in the k mart parking lot

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    alright girls of north america time to step up your game

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    it is not a fucking quadkink, or even a damn triple kink. Its a double kink rail. Get that shit right you fuckin kook. that being said, thats a proper ass rail jam set up, bring some shit like that to the states instead of the wimpy dttd setup

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    was the ender backlip or frontboard?…..filmer totally blew the shot

  • Ender(best trick) was a Frontboard through the quad kink/ triple down, or what ever you wanna call it. by Gerben Verweij. (Oh and if you want this set-up contact us and we make it happen)