Tall Treez’ ROOTS Teaser


While we are a bit skeptical of any flick where a girl is the star, this teaser from Tall Treez is full of sweet boardin’ from South Lake.

  • snatch

    I’ve never seen the amount of full movies posted compared to the amount of teasers.

  • tim

    someone turned a Beatles song into a fucking rap song im gonna go kill myself

  • Paco

    @ Tim

    Guess you never heard the danger mouse grey album… Kill yo self cause it’s the Beatles white album songs remixed with the lyrics to jay zs black album

  • pretty cool song

  • jk. whoever destroyed this song should die.

  • ButchCassidy

    this is a terrible fucking song


    Wow tzall trizees gtfo

  • Dug Fisher

    what is that song called?

  • Montey

    yeah OMG tom, can’t Fux wit da Beatles, OMG

  • alberghini

    i guess none of you listen to talib kweli cuz he remixed this beat soooo long ago and did a good job

  • lou reed or die

    wow you kids are some real music connoisseurs