2012 San Francisco DTTD The Video!


For all of you who hate reading, here’s what went down in downtown San Francisco on October 27th. If you want MORE Downtown Throw Down, check the story and gallery here.

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  1. yeahhhh
    yeahhhh says:

    sick contest. but come on yobeat, for someone that documents events and also makes fun of bad snowboard editing, you guys dont got your own shit together. edit consists of no effort clips put together and you guys still mess that up with the intended black flash at 2:21 because you dont have two clips lined up right

  2. Paco
    Paco says:

    Awesome edit… Was sorta Hoping that a. That would be the dipset built this city on rock or b. since there are so many other bands from sf maybe a bangin dead song or jefferson airplane not starship would have worked instead of the worst song ever… Literally

  3. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    there’s always the kid at the skatepark that thinks it’s cool to gap over the back of the 1/4 to flat. he generally also enters 15 and under and is 20.

  4. Cullen
    Cullen says:

    Nial is a boss shouldn’t be his first big win everyone is just now noticing everything he does is switch

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