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With Burton’s announcement it would shutter the Program brands at the end of the season, the Internet has been in an uproar. While reactions ranged from blind rage, to rational understanding, none have rang louder than the social media campaign calling to #giveFORUMtoPETER.

Now to clarify, this campaign is only calling for Peter Line to receive the rights to the Forum name and branding, and the company as we know it would likely still be gone at the end of the season. However, it would enable Peter to restart the brand in the future if he so chose. More than anything, it’s a gesture to allow Peter Line, rather than Burton, to make the call on how or if the legacy will continue.

If you’d like to support this movement, there is now a website where you can sign the petition to #giveFORUMtoPETER and if nothing else, show you appreciate everything Peter Line has done for snowboarding.

Peter’s response via Facebook:

More on the original Fourstar Distro Fall out:

For another perspective:

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  1. Le Grand Fromage
    Le Grand Fromage says:

    I really hope this happens. Forum is a part of our collective history whether you’re against em or forum

  2. DoodooBrown
    DoodooBrown says:

    Hey retards.. maybe you should learn to vote with your wallets? These brands obviously went in the crapper because people didn’t buy their shit. Yes they were an iconic brand, but now they have failed twice. The economy sucks and there are way too many brands in snowboarding… the industry will consolidate again and some brands will make it, and others wont.

    Most importantly, support your local shops. They probably just finished receiving their Forum shipments when this announcement came out. Now they are sitting on shitty dead end product. These guys get fucked from both ends so help them out.

  3. Peter
    Peter says:

    STOP VOTING i dont want this shit, theirs a reason i sold it 8 years ago! are you guys trying to get me bankrupt?

  4. The View
    The View says:

    Burton sucks and forum sucks too, neither one of their products sell anymore. Burton is for bros that do turns in bright colored outerwear that dont really get it. Hopefully that goes under too.

  5. Well...
    Well... says:

    If you would have read the description, you would see it just gives him branding and rights to the name so that if he wants to restart the brand he can, but doesn’t have to.

    As someone who has supported the Program for years (i.e. actually paid for their product for many years), I would much rather have Peter have those, then for them to just disapear into the land of the dead and gone companies.

  6. ------
    ------ says:

    Forum is dead! Peter should just start his own company! Don’t help BURTON/forum out by relating Peter Line to them!

  7. Shaun Bon Jovi
    Shaun Bon Jovi says:

    Forum has never really been the same Forum we all remember. It’s not bad, but it’s not the same. These boards are now Burton cores without the I-Lock….er….channel lock. They ride just fine. The team is strong and I remember Peter Line saying something about liking having summers off. He’s doing his own thing now. Maybe give it to Pat Moore. More than anything, hopefully Jake gives them a seasons payout.

  8. Shaun Bon Jovi
    Shaun Bon Jovi says:

    Also, who is going to Manufacture boards if PL took it over? Elan? Nidecker? Forum was awesome in the day. Forum 8 was the ultimate team. The brand is not what it was. What I want to know is…who will YES pick up, and who will DC get? Nic Sauve would fit right in on Salomon.

    I think this must be a long way in the waiting, because John Jackson was given a career side step to Burton last year. I wonder if anyone else will see the departmental transfer.

  9. StLouisAlaskan
    StLouisAlaskan says:

    My guess most of the team is fucked for a bit. Hard to get picked up today. buuuuut maybe it’ll go something like this. Pat Moore to Burton or K2; Andreas Wiig to Nitro or YES; Nic Sauve to Soloman/Bonfire; Jake Welch to Capita or Niche; Stevie Bell to Flow or Bataleon. Austen Sweeten (Seattle) to Lib/Gnu. Daniel Ek to Endeavor. Alek Oestreng to Academy!?! everyone else is fucked. Peter Line to the Beach to drink margeritas and check tones in snowboarding.

  10. StLouisAlaskan
    StLouisAlaskan says:

    oh yeah i forgot DC made boards. maybe theyll want any or all of these dudes. Oh yeah, DC to Burton. Ken Block to the extreme world of racing and nascar and motocross and energy drinks and shit. and Peter Line making fun of him.

  11. Huh?
    Huh? says:

    I don’t get it. What’s in it for Burton? Why would they release the rights to Peter if there’s the chance this competition could potentially bite them in the ass after a few years of rebuilding the Forum brand? Just being realistic here, I don’t see any compelling reason to free the brand other than goodwill on the part of Burton.

  12. Shaun Bon Jovi
    Shaun Bon Jovi says:

    Just to clarify, when I say the brand isn’t what it was, I am not saying it is bad by any means. I have a destroyer doubledog 158. it rides great. Seriously great pop and flex. The forum team is stacked with great riders, but forum isn’t the trendsetter and video dominator it was in late nineties, sort of like Plan B isn’t the same Plan B it was in the early 90’s. The context of media, snowboarding, and the time changes it. That’s the way it goes.

    They can’t be. We are in a different time. It’s still good, just different. and #forum was a great vid. Surprised they did this the day after they released that vid. Andreas still has the nicest Rodeo variations in snowboarding. Maybe I shouldn’t have said, “Maybe give it to Pat Moore”. That was kind of a stupid statement. He just happens to be entering the era when he is ready to take over some brands (ie Ass Industries). That’s why I said what I said. Not because I was right.

    Go read his statement on TW business.

  13. StLouisAlaskan
    StLouisAlaskan says:

    just read this and basically Forum was the worst company ever. Complete marketing scam- shitty boards that were almost unrideable, no money, wasted money, friends backstabbing friends, and when they finally sold, everyone who had invested their own time and money got zilch. I dont think Peter’s gonna wanna deal with that anymore.

  14. @ HUH
    @ HUH says:

    Burton/Jake get to save some face/pretend that they care about snowboarding again. Thats all it does. None the less, the offer would be nice.

  15. From the other side of the pond
    From the other side of the pond says:

    Imagine Peter gettin’ back the rights to the brand, startin’ it all again and gettin’ back JP, Dev, Luoma even BJ… or some other OG’s but in addition to Nic Sauve, Wiig and Pat…
    Would you buy their products again ?
    If that all is a question about being a core brand than all riders who claim being core should not buy any of these brands:
    Quiksilver-DC-Mervin Mfg (Lib-Gnu)
    Nike SB
    So what’s remaining ? Ok there are still a few brands left
    Rome, Dinosaurs, Capita, Signal, Yes, Technine…
    These brands have to thank Forum for showing the way!
    I mean I’ve been riding and supportin’ Forum, SB and Fsq for over a decade, the first movie that impressed me was The Resistance. It’s really sad those brands go under like this.
    So yes #GiveForumtoPeter, if he wants to start it all again he can and if not he still deserve to get back what he started.

  16. Colin
    Colin says:

    @ HUH people are pissed burtons getting rid of forum so if they give it to peter or whatever it will make them look like nice people not assholes

  17. SKywalker
    SKywalker says:

    Everybody gets all emotional when these brands got shut down but where were you when it came to buying their product and supporting the brand? Don’t act like you care cuz you love snowboarding and the original forum 8. Use this as a lesson to support the brands you do like so this shit doesn’t happen to them.

  18. The Devil
    The Devil says:

    @From the other side of the pond, almost, you wouldn’t want technine as it was owned by Brandbase, also YES is another name for Nidecker (Slash, Jones & Yes) – they are manufactured in Tunisia, yes, Africa – and owned by some giant corp. core brands are few and far between now, Signal, Dino, StepChild, but you know what sucks, you hardly see these brands in the stores…

  19. e
    e says:

    jones/slash/yes are manufactured in austria(GST) this year. Nidecker is not owned by some giant corp, just a good family thats been in the business for a long long time. Its funny, well not really, but you see brands supported in forums, you see them at the summer camps, you see them in movies, but that doesn’t mean they are selling. Support your local shop & support your brand

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