Danny Kass: Operation Double Tongue

In honor of Danny Kass’s return to snowboarding’s silver screen, we’re proud to announce the triumphant re-release of the Danny Kass Double Tongue Quick Strike boot. After a two-year hiatus, we’ve brought back this unique construction with a few improvements and art inspired by the classic American aviation.


At approximately 0600 on January the 1st, 2012, Danny Kass flew in like a bat out of hell to brief in ‘OPERATION Double Tongue’. The objective: Make awesome gear. Be explosive. Get spontaneous.

With changes in solar radiation, ocean circulation variations and the vegetation ecosystem becoming unstable, there was no option but to accept. With time running out, bravery was our only ally. We laced up our boots, zipped up our coats and ventured into the unknown.

After flying miles high around the globe, Danny returned home with the illustrious double tongue quick strike boot and jacket.

The DKQS boot and jacket are available in a limited quantity.

Objective achieved.


  • gay


  • boom

    really? double tongue… really? how embarrassing.

  • cheese wiggs

    is jerm working at nike? looks like the Tom wallish boot

  • yoyougotfruit

    Bringing quick strikes to snowboarding?

  • @yoyou

    They have done it since the snow program started.

  • mikkyp

    so in this bullshit story, global warming was cured by flying around aimlessly in a plane for a long time and then returning with some sweatshop boots? brilliant.

    fuck nike.

  • stingygoose

    I think they look cool and the double tongue could be tucked under the laces, but at the end of the day they’re danny kass boots so no matter the brand I’m outta here

  • dick poncho

    one time i saw some jackass wearing the other double tounge boots. i punched him in the ballz

  • upstatemike.

    Rollerbladers used to cut the tongues out of shoes and put under the skate laces. They looked exactly like this. Neat.