The Toeside Terrors Halloween Instagram Contest



thelastzach gettin’ medals.

To enter: Simply post a photo on instagram of yourself in the costume and tag #toesideterrors.

On Nov 1, we’ll pick our favorite and that person will win:
-A Toeside Terrors Baseball T
-An autographed glamor shot of the Toeside Terror of their choice
-A Yobeat beanie and sticker pack

Now, in case you can’t figure it out yourself, here’s what you’ll need:

To be Weekend Warrior you’ll need:

-piece of leopard print fabric for a loin cloth (or actual loin cloth)
-Starter Jacket
-long black wig
Spacecraft Scout mask
-Viking Helmet
-Tons of booze

To be Mr. Anonymous you’ll need:

Black Airblaster Ninja suit
-Black facemask
-Offensive Asian accent

To be Tech you’ll need:

-Bonfire fishing hat (summer promo, a real fishing hat will do just fine)
Special Blend Annex Pants (XL dawg)
-4 XL Tshirt
-5 XL Tshirt
-Gold chains (doesn’t have to be real gold)
-Zip up camo vest (Gen Ex dawg)
-Rap skills

To be Terry you need:

-Green leggings
-Green shirt
-Purple granny panties
-Purple fabric for cape
-Tons of game

To be Hansu you’ll need:

-Zebra pants
-The wig from Disney’s Brave (or be a natural red head)
-a love for Medals.

Feel free to put your own twist on the costumes (i.e. Sexy Weekend Warrior) and then post ‘dat shit! Oh and while you’re at it, follow the dudes on the ‘gram @toesideterrors

  • sluicebox

    this would be so awesome if i had instagram/thought the toeside terrors were cool/cared

  • Jesse Goochviea

    i really hope no one has bought any toeside terror merch. shit looks as lame as the series itself.

  • weinerhouse

    just stop, please.

  • good sir

    yeah i really want to win that fucking sticker pack

  • no one likes the toe side terrors.

  • Chode

    Ravioli Ravioli give me the Formuoli

  • The Punisher

    Shits weak

  • man

    The hardest part of this is I want to go as all of them. Will I get an extra sticker pack if I do?

  • terry’s dick

    I can see it. Was that on purpose?

  • babygail420fourU

    These comments are weak, Dudes taking the time out to show halloween costumes to you ungreatful fucks. Be thankful #1#2#2#4#5#6#7.

  • Chode

    To enter: Simply post a photo on instagram of yourself jerking off to the toeside terrors