Herschel Supply Co Teams with Holden

Bags. They come in all shapes, sizes, color-ways and materials. Some of us carry black plastic bags to try to look hip or because we are poor. Others carry fancy bags made of dead baby animals that cost “Daddy” lots of dough. But, one thing is for certain. We all need bags because we must carry our stuff and honestly, you might as well do so in a comfortable and fashionable way. Herschel Supply Co helps make that happen, and now that Holden has jumped onto the Herschel wagon, we’re even bigger fans of the brand. Here’s a word from them…

Herschel Supply Co Announces The Winter Collection

“Waking up before the sun, warming up the car, scraping frost off the windows, and picking up friends. The Herschel Supply Co Winter Club Collection embodies the spirit of people living a winter lifestyle and stays true to our timeless design. This series of technical product offers practical and functional bags with a classic look and fine regard for detail. The Winter Club Collection features two backcountry bags, a fully drainable multipurpose gear bag and the Holden For Herschel Supply range designed to pack, hold and organize everything needed for the journey ahead.”

This is the Holden/Herschel collaboration line. It looks good. It works better. It’s on my Christmas list.

Simple, black and fully functional. From 35,000 feet to back of the classroom you can’t really go wrong here.

There’s even something loud for all of you dudes rocking the loud and proud color-tones out there.

And finally, some desert camo to stand out in the frigid hills and fog coated forests of any mountain resort.

Always remember to pack like a badass.

With a Herschel bag, people will be jealous of your style and that might stroke more than your ego.

Check out the full Herschel line and what the brand has been up to at www.herschelsupply.com now.

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