Birds of a Shitfeather FULL MOVIE


Bangshow is keeping the dream alive.

Featuring: Andrew Brewer, Ben Rice, Eric Messier, Mike Goodwin, Nick Brewer, Greg Sudac, Brendan Gerard, Danny Buller, Maxwell Carl Scott, Sheldon Dailey, Paul Smith, Greyson Clifford, Kyle Hay, Ian Boll, Alan Parenteau, Scott Thompson, Charlie Deptula, Chris Sypert and the rest of the fools.

Thank you to all who helped make this mess possible. Yobeat, Camtrol, Method Mag, Snowboard Colorado, the Almighty Wizard, Cal Neva, Cal Neva prime rib special, Randy Lahey, Diggles, Mark Dangler, The Mist, all the homies and anything/ anyone we forgot.

  • Ricky

    I approve this video



  • skilmer

    half chubb

  • Danny with the hammers!

  • also, where’s billy mackey’s part? guess he was too cool..

  • Randi

    FUCK OFF, Mr. Lahey!

  • love this shit, reminds me of early 90’s flicks, like johnson’s “20/20”. good work, part 2 needs more tits.

  • Didnt expect some of those dudes to have such good and entertaining parts in there. well done.

  • merkin


  • Serious Question

    My parents have offered to take me on a snowboard trip of my choice anywhere in the US over christmas break. I was hoping to hear some suggestions of places to go that will have their park set up by that time and have lots of snow. Thanks Yobeat!

  • Lala

    Brendan and Greyson were sick!

  • @serious question

    raging buffalo, in illinois

  • serious question, pay no attention to this dude above me, do you really think you want to go to illinois if you can go anywhere in the US?? I’d say Keystone would be one good bet for just park, but it seems that the northwest is getting snow already so maybe somewhere there…

  • Brendan Gerard

    Serious question. Boreal in Tahoe should have things going, over a foot already and they’re usually extremely on top of their early season game.

  • supertramp

    nick brewer wants to party all the time

  • sluicebox

    @seriousquestion don’t listen to weinerhouse, he is a massive gape. illinois is a snowboard mecca. that being said, i think ohio is much sicker in terms of parks. illinois is more big mountain stuff like alaska but more gnar

  • juicy dangler

    schwoeglers fat, goodwins bald, that is all.

  • juicy dangler

    + paul smith, keep bmx’n, when you gonna gauge your ears? shout out to helmet and sprout, parts of the year. nick brewers bald too, probably andrew.

  • matt norris

    jesus fuck ricky! this was so sick! showing people colorado isnt just candygrind and never summer bull shit.

  • bro

    so he$h

  • ben rice shouldve od’d when he had the chance


    @Serious Question ELDORA muthafuckaaaaaa only the hardest of the hard go there

  • Pedo-Dino

    I can now officially say i am having one of the worst days i’ve had in awhile yet this movie seemed to cheer me up up… Thank you Birds of a shit feather

  • boneyballsack


  • dio

    tags: nickbrew doesnt drink beer, bob marly poster, parents making over 100k, skateboard clips not filmed by the filmers, pizzaiship, bgerard gets told what tricks to do by his gf, danny bueller kills it.

  • Barry

    Maxwell’s fuckin dead?!

  • pro companies need to watch this and take notes on how to make a vid

  • dlowk

    you don’t just steal a song from flipping bird

  • This video takes me back. Makes me feel better about being a scumbag.. Except the floater drinking.. That shits dangerous.

  • sluicebox is in denial, calling people “gapes” is the first sign that you’ve gone full retard, and the second sign is recommending ohio for snowboarding, time to look in the mirror faggot. Have fun in fucking Ohio with all the “gapes” tool

  • @weenerhouse

    shut up

  • StLouisAlaskan

    This is what the fuck im talkin about.

  • jaded teenager

    wow some of you really dont understand sarcasm holy shit

  • hmmm.

    Brenden Gerard for president.

  • hot soda boy

    I love Greg Sudac and Nick brewer for being so sexy in the video.
    Take your pants off.

  • Julian

    I remember my first rum and coke.