Strippergate 2012: Kevin and Tor Respond

On Monday, October 15th, the Swedish dynamic duo of Kevin Backstrom and Tor Lundstrom had wrapped up a day getting rad early season in Hintertux, Austria, when they decided to send it to the moon that night. It would go down as Kevin & Tor’s excellent adventure. When Tor posted one measly instagram of Kevin with a stripper it only took 10 minutes online before shit hit the fan in Sweden. The Swedish media was outraged. There was talk of suspension from the Swedish national team, even being kicked off. Ultimately, none of this would prevail. Kevin and Tor would be vindicated and get to keep on keeping on being the righteous dudes they are.

Girls adore them, the Swedish media hates their guts, their own national team/coaches might bloody well want to piss on their skulls, they like sending it to the moon with their homies on the hill and in the tittay bars they go fucking large. Kevin Backstrom and Tor Lundstrom – they might just be the biggest partiers in the European snowboard world, and we’ve got their backs every damn time they come to the States. Live it up, mates.

Kevin Backstrom: Babe Magnet

So, take us back. This was last week, right? You were just back from a gnarly ass arm injury, shredding for the first time in Hintertux, Austria. How was being back on your snowboard?

Kevin: (Laughing) Yeah, I just got back from a pretty gnarly arm injury. I had 5 bad ass surgeries in one week. Now I am back on my board again and I’m more than stoked to be able to ride again.

Then you and Tor decide to go out for the night – what went down?

Tor: It was gonna be shitty weather the next day so we went for a couple of beers at the Gasthof, then some Norwegian homies came around and that’s when we decided to go to the moon with them and later hit that strip club.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your Austrian stripper experience?

Kevin: The strip club itself got a 4 out of 10, but I would give one of the strippers 8/10 toasters.

Tor: Probably a 3, it was pretty nasty to be honest. The girls barely danced and the guy in the bar was super sketchy.

Did you guys get any lap dances? Dry hump any hotties?

Kevin: Oh don’t you even worry about it man (laughing).

Tor: Actually, I sent it with a lap dance. It cost 40€, lasted 2 minutes and the girl was chubby (laughing).

NOT an Austrian stripper. Photo: Kevin Backstrom

After you guys got home is that when shit hit the fan? Your instagram photo was published in the national Swedish paper?

Tor: The instagram was only up for like 10 minutes and somebody saved it and published it on some big Swedish gossip blog. It wasn’t before the next day the phones started to ring and they published it all over Swedish media.

Kevin: The next day when I woke up the newspaper dudes called me and asked me all these stupid questions. I asked them what’s wrong about going to a strip club? I should be able to go to a strip club like anyone else, right? I love watching delicious women shaking their asses. It all got pretty heavy and it was all over the Swedish news. It was the most viewed article of the day on Sweden’s biggest newspaper,, so it was a pretty big deal back in Sweden.

Swedish National team’s sporting director Olle Danielsson called you “immature.” You guys are full grown men, paying to look at some tittays. It’s not like you’re whipping your cock out while you are wrapped in the Swedish flag shredding or something on national television. What’s the big deal? Are you guys kicked off the Swedish National team for good?

Kevin: (Laughing) The thing is that it’s not a big deal, it’s just a fucking strip club! What’s wrong about that? The newspapers made it a lot bigger than it was. I would say that he is the one that’s immature if he called me immature for being at a strip club. I’m a fucking snowboarder, not the king of Sweden. The King of Sweden got “busted” last year for being at strip clubs though (laughing). Our king is a boss I tell you that! I am not kicked off the Swedish team so it’s all good! I just think the Swedish team got a little too nervous about that strip club business as I’m not even here with the Swedish team. It’s just a fucking strip club as I said.

Tor: (Laughing) Right? If it’s true that he said that it’s just stupid and doesn’t make sense at all.The Swedish media was blowing that up a lot, though. We talked to Olle and it’s no hard feelings between us and the national team and we are not kicked off.

Will you no longer be taking photos of yourself in strip clubs?

Tor: If a possible banger appears next time I am in a strip club I’m not gonna let it slip the gram.

Kevin: Of course I will take photos!

Dat ass. photo: Kevin Backstrom

Kevin – Your blog,, is a wonderful mix of snowboarding and naked smoking hot babes. You have your girlfriend’s amazing rump gracefully displayed across the top of your website. There’s tits, ass and pussy everywhere – snowboarding, too! You encourage naked hotties to send in photos of themselves. Your hometown newspaper, Ulricehamns Journal, has been super critical of you, calling you the, “most embarrassing level of an elite athlete” How do you respond to these statements? Have you thought about moving out of such a ridiculous town? How can you surround yourself with people who don’t love women?

Kevin: Thank you, thank you, sir. My hometown newspaper should be proud of me instead of talking shit about me. I got rewarded the best athlete of the year in 2010 or 2011 and I think and the big boss of the newspaper later went out on the main Swedish radio channel and said that I don’t deserve it. How can he say that I don’t deserve it because I post some hot delicious girls? I don’t think he deserves to be a owner of a newspaper if he talks shit like that. He should give me a reward for showing the people in that city all these delicious photos and that there is more to do in this world than just play soccer, handball and hockey in that boring town. That newspaper sucks anyways so I don’t really care (laughing). I just moved in with Tor in Gothenburg, so it’s all good, man!

How does your family respond to all this bullshit? Do you feel if this was the national soccer team the dudes would be treated differently?

Tor: My Dad was cool. Laughed pretty hard about it and my mom doesn’t really care, either. I guess the national soccer team would get in more trouble and have to apologize. But they can forget that from me cause I’m not a soccer player.

Kevin – How does your family respond to all this bullshit, or more importantly, how does your girl respond?

Kevin: My family backs me up a 100% on this! My girl doesn’t really care about this either, so it’s all good.

Oh, these guys snowboard too. Kevin Backstrom.

On Yobeat you and Tor were called, “The biggest partiers in Euro boardworld.” How do you respond to that? If there was a title for biggest and baddest European snowboarders who love to fucking party, would you and Tor win?

Tor: That’s an honor my man. I don’t know, but we will work as hard as we can to live up to it (laughing).

Kevin: (Laughing) That makes us sound like we only party. We don’t only party, but when we party we pretty much send it to the moon. Not sure if we would win, but if it was a night together with me, Tor, Halldor Helgason and Ethan Morgan we would probably be ranked on top that party list (laughing).

What’s better than pizza, pussy and shredding?

Tor: A wet pussy?

Kevin: A combination of pussy, pizza and shredding would be the ultimate combo.

Are you trying to make Sweden proud?

Kevin: (Laughing) I Seriously don’t really care what Sweden thinks about me. I’m just a 20-year-old guy who enjoys my life to the fullest and if they don’t like that I have fun (snowboarding, strip clubs, babes and all that) they can go and have their fun stretching with the local soccer teams.

Tor: If they are proud of me I’m happy, but if they are gonna blame me for living my life they can go fuck themselves.

Tor – Excited to see your part in the Helgason’s, Pepping (tomorrow). What the heck does pepping mean?

Tor: Stoked to hear that. Pepping comes from the word “peppad” which means “stoked” in Swedish. So pepping is the Swenglish word for getting stoked, something like that I guess. It’s coach Thunder (Johannes Brenning) that came up with the name so off course it’s not just a normal word.

Tor Lundstrom, no strippers in sight. Photo: Petter Cohen

Now that Kevin’s arm is healed, you didn’t get kicked off the Swedish national team, the Swedish media hates your guts, the snowboard season is almost upon us, where do you go from here? What are your plans for the season and where will we be seeing you?

Kevin: As I’ve been injured for a long time, I am taking it a bit easy on the party scene and trying to stay in good condition as the season starts soon. My plans for this season are to send it as hard as possible and stay healthy. I will do a couple of contests, but mostly focus on filming. Not sure who I’m gonna film with yet, but it will be something for sure. Also gonna make some episodes with Tor for you guys on the internet.

Tor: It’s been pretty crazy, thus far. Just looking forward to snowboard as much as possible whether it is contests, filming or just shredding. And i can’t wait to start filming the episodes for mine and Kevin’s new online project!

In closing, any words of wisdom for the Yobeat readers?

Kevin: Follow me on instagram (@kevinbackstrom). If you like snowboarding, party, boobs and shit like that!

Tor: If you are thinking about sending it to the moon with your homies, always do it. And follow me on instagram for more madness (@torlundstrom).


Tor: Sweet, Lobster, Oakley, Nike, Transform, Clast.

Kevin: Nike Snowboarding, Monster Energy, Rome Snowboards, Oakley,, Hoppipolla, Beats By Dre.

Seriously, follow them.

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