This is the “viral release” of #FORUM. Due to the insane amount of requests to see the movie, forum decided to “virally release” the movie on its vimeo page starting Today and lasting until Thursday Oct. 25th. Be stoked cause you are “in the know.”

  • guy

    cam peirce

  • Forum dudes are gnarly

  • Niko isn’t on Forum anymore?

  • DAMN


  • @Mark

    He started GBP Snowboards

  • Zoid

    These are the ballsiest guys in snowboarding. So damn sick. Pat Moore is God.

  • Mark Fuckerberg

    oh the GBP makes boards, i thought they only stole them

  • mulch

    is it bad that I skipped straight to pat moore’s part?

  • Hiene Tools!

  • stufart

    Pat Moore vs texas long balls, snowboard presidential election for biggest balls

  • That Guy

    The Forum Team goes so BIG

  • has

    andreas wiig is a man

  • frontlip2fakie

    what happened to the black guy

  • Steve the Cracka

    Where’s Stevie!?

  • Dan

    Solid first shot of Andreas tomahawking through and avalanche

  • the man

    stoked on allah las in the credits… and where is stevie?

  • Jim McGreevey’s Gay Lover

    wallrides are Forum’s sex slaves

  • huh

    Where is my boy Stevie Bell at? I was looking forward to his part for sure.

  • when i saw Jake Welch’s part begin i got bummed cause a couple years ago i thought he had real potential as a rail rider….. then i was pleasantly surprised again. That kid is underrated.

  • slappy

    We get it – send it deep or dont snowboard – where is stevie? Why did they cut Stevie?

  • jerminie

    they dont look like they enjoy snowboarding very much

  • lurkin

    where the fuck did Austin and Cam get their footage, the amount of snow in all those shots was plentiful

  • lurkin

    and damn, I swear they spent all day just setting up each of those spots

  • Mike

    Movies like this make me enjoy movies like HYPED! Way more.

  • Paco

    STEVIEEEE… Where are you??? Cutting nico is one thing, letting john j go to button makes sense… Letting Stevie go if they did is full retard… And you never go full retard

  • Paco

    @Mark on October 22nd, 2012 at 10:49 am:
    He started GBP Snowboards

    Are they actually going to release these boards? Saw the video of them getting made on this site or is it going to be a gremlinz friends and family deal?

    … Rather support bozwreck boards if they drop again anyways.

  • JP Walker

    Truck yeah!

  • NJ

    More Cam Pierce. He’s making it look good.

  • mr&mrsdouchebag

    lame! forum vids look the same every year

  • why so serious?

    man, watching that hurt, why is it always so fucking serious? there was no sense of team in that movie, just a bunch of dudes filming separate parts stitched together. yes the riding is good and heavy but that was a terrible “team” movie with no personality.

  • minnesotanice

    well, now I don’t have to buy that one.

  • Andreas Wiig is feirce. I agree with @why so serious though.

  • Dixie Normous

    Everything they hit is fucking massive. Like my left nut

  • Serious Question

    My parents have offered to take me on a snowboard trip of my choice anywhere in the US over christmas break. I was hoping to hear some suggestions of places to go that will have their park set up by that time and have lots of snow. Thanks Yobeat!

  • Well…

    I assume that big Burton restructure has something to do with this not being quite what their past movies have been. But still pretty good.

  • icandigthat


  • why so serious?

    RIP #forum

  • franklin

    is forum cooked? one person said something on facebook and now i believe it.

  • bmac

    Looks like next year Pat Moore will be in the Burton movie!! Im calling it, Pat will be on burton by the first of the year!

  • I hope Pat Moore doesn’t go to Burton…

  • KylefromUpstate

    Looks like they’re taking backcountry booters to the streets.

  • Holden Caulfield

    Yeah…Forum, Foursquar & Special Blend are done by 2014. Burton has dropped the lines.

    Gravis will be sold in Asia only…as Gravis absolutely kills in Japan.

    Analog will focus 100% on snow and will be dropping their street apparel.

    Red will fall under Anon and still be manufactored for sale in the US…but will move in-house with Burton in VT.

    I personally don’t give a damn about any of the brands…except for Forum. That is an iconic snow brand that helped revolutionize snowboarding. RIP Forum!!

    And FOR SURE Pat Moore will be going to Burton…1/1/13…he’s too solid of a rider for them to just let go. We’ll see about the rest of their team, though.

  • Pat Moore

    fuck. im going to be on burton.

  • Shredface

    Forum should restructure as a vide company