Travis Rice Attempts to Make People Care About America’s Cup

While watching the CBS Evening News tonight (yes, I’m basically 80), I especially enjoyed this human interest segment in which Red Bull brought in Travis Rice in an attempt to make catamaran races more interesting to the general public.

Travis Rice knows plenty about speed. He’s a professional snowboarder and an X Games champion who pushed to get on board one of the new style racing boats used to train crews for next year’s America’s Cup competition.

“I think that this new approach is really going to give, you know, a lot of the younger generation a bit of whiplash when they really are able to connect and see what’s going on here,” Rice says.

We’re glad to see that the sugar water purveyor hasn’t slowed its marketing efforts after dropping a dude from space. Personally though, I’d rather watch Travis do this:

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  1. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    hey kids…you will never, ever be rich enough to own one of these boats, or rich enough to even care about sailing. But come watch cause Travis Rice is in it! Just disregard the snobby british accents and sweaters tied around necks.

  2. herzogone
    herzogone says:

    I can’t argue with the fact that I’ll never be rich enough to own one of these boats, but I will argue that you don’t have to be rich to like sailing. I grew up in the sailing mecca of Newport, RI (home to the America’s Cup for 53 years), and most of the sailors I knew (including myself) were not rich. Sure, the owners of large, modern, racing yachts are undoubtedly rich, but that is hardly the entirety of sailing. They no more represent the average sailor than Shaun White, or even T. Rice (both millionaires) represent the average snowboarder. In my experience, the demographics of sailing are not all that different from snowboarding. There are dirty-gypsy sailing bums, blue-blood trust fund yuppies, and everything in between. Even among the rich, there is probably less snobbery than most would think. Much of the stereotypical old-money aristocracy has been replaced by people who started from lesser means, and most I’ve met are down-to-earth, nice people, regardless of their wealth. Also, you can get started sailing for no more money than many people pay for a season pass (find a used Sunfish; you can even trailer it behind your Subaru or throw it on a roof rack). If you have the chance, give it a shot, you might find a new summer addiction. Of course, I’m not saying anyone should care about the America’s Cup, anymore than I’ll tell anyone they should watch Olympic snowboarding. My point is, like snowboarding, sailing is fun, and cheaper than you might think.

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