The Future of Celtek is Now!

San Clemente, CA (October 16, 2012) – Welcome to the future, Our new website is a portal in to all things CELTEK. We have made some major changes to our site and would like to share our new identity, product and team riders with you.


Get familiar with the all new CELTEK logo and identity, which represents everything we have been building over the past 9 years. Our values and goals have been the same since the start and we are displaying them to you on our new site, Work, Heritage and Expression are at the root of everything we do. Collaborating with artists like Dave Doman, Matt French, Dustin Ortiz, Pete Panciera and more will remain a priority as they continue to inspire creativity within the CELTEK brand. The CELTEK logo stands for what the company believes in: strength, durability, timelessness, and quality. We are fortunate to have so many passionate people supporting the brand to help drive CELTEK for years to come.


“Form follows function” as CELTEK continues to improve its product every year. We test, share and collaborate on progressive ideas to develop new products both with team riders and artists. CELTEK wants to keep your fingers warm all winter. To accomplish this we use innovative technology and designs starting with OutDry. OutDry is the #1 waterproof system available in the world and we are honored to provide this ground breaking technology to you. To keep in touch with your Insta feed or pressing “board meetings” we use the most advanced Touch Screen material available, Touch Tec. The fit of our gloves has been strategically designed to improve your circulation while riding so that you can tweak harder and stay on the hill longer. All of our new product images on the site are enhanced to give you a clear view of what they look like in real life.


The CELTEK CLAN knows how to work. When Dan Brisse, Bjorn Leines and Gigi Ruf wake up to go film at 4:30 am on a sub-zero cold winter day they are ready for battle. The dedication it takes to hike back up after trying the most challenging trick or gap is rewarded when they get the shot. The gear our riders choose is extremely important, so we work together with the CELTEK CLAN to produce specific Pro-Model products for them. All Pro-Models are categorized on our new site, for your viewing and riding pleasure. To stay further connected with the team we have created rider pages that will link you directly into their social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even rider specific websites. New video’s and blog stories will be constantly dropping so that you can stay up on the outcome of these shredding battles.

Enter and experience the all-new