Kevin Backstrom and Tor Lundström’s Strip Club Scandal

Here’s a story that’s funny in any language. Euro boarding super stars Kevin Backstromm and Tor Lundström were captured by the paparazzi having a nice little night out (at the strip club) in Austria recently. Apparently when you’re trying to make the Olympics or whatever, this sort of behavior will get you cut from the National team, and according to the Pirates, the Swedish media picked up the story. Don’t bother clicking the link because it’s in Swedish, or if you really care, google will translate.


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  1. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    it’s a fucking stripclub. what the fuck do people think happens there? all the fat old olympic committee dudes were probably getting handys out back.

  2. Diggles
    Diggles says:

    Love these two. I think Yobeat needs to do a double humpday with the biggest partiers in Euro boardworld.

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