It ain’t really winter yet, so suck it up and watch some more feel-good summer boarding from our homies at Dinosaurs Will Die.

Featuring: Dick, Castro, Boya, Johnny & Bruce

  • dick poncho

    that filters retarded

  • daniel

    Ian Keay kills bats

  • yikes that last bail was fierce.

  • JP Walker

    When will the dinosaurs die? I don’t want them to, but the Dinosaurs Will Die.

  • Ian Keay.

  • I want a cookie

  • haha! thanks for the beanie guys!


    Ian Keay!

  • hupp

    @dick poncho i didnt use a single filter in this edit haha

  • That Guy

    By their team movie, its worth your time and money

  • most underrated company/team in snow and skating.


    Doing it right

  • yobeat kid

    I thought we all agreed not to bitch about hood edits?

  • tryiton

    you can use instagram filters in imovie now?