Downtown Throwdown: Seattle 2012 Edition

Winner guy and general badass Brandon Hobush. Photos: Brooke Geery

The homeless population of Seattle had mixed emotions about the 2012 Downtown Throwdown. Some bums happily gobbled pickles for free hats at the Lib Tech booth, while others were displaced and denied Cobra Dogs. Set up in Occidental Park, the original Skid Row (no fact checking needed, A-man said it, and that dude doesn’t lie) some of snowboarding’s favorites showed up to awe a crowd who, for the most part, probably had no idea what was going on.

Flips were a popular option. Ryan Paul.

In the beginning, the DJ played reggae while Jesse Burtner and Preston Strout explained to the crowd what a 270 was. The first notable snowboarding event was when Desiree Melancon got ass-fucked by the donkey dick, or a donkey show as it’s called in Mexico. If we were fact checking, one might point out that this event was technically not a rail jam since there was only a tube, pole jam, quarterpipe and box. Please note: this fact was pointed out to me by the beer-drinking cheer section behind the quarter pipe. They were nice and they gave me a beer with a paper bag to cover it up — so thoughtful.

This was not part of the course. Spencer Schubert.

As the contest continued, more and more hammers were dropped and the crowd made noise whenever some one did a flip of any kind. Brandon Hobush did a perfect front 3 onto the down rail, a hardway 270, and slowly I was starting to realize he was doing nine out of ten tricks switch. Jaeger Bailey landed 50/50 front flip 50/50 second try on the down-flat-down box, while Spencer Schubert went Mike Vallely on the course’s ass and hit the only actual handrail in the contest. Literally. He put snow on the ground and hit the handrail for the scaffolding stairs. Spencer’s big moment was almost overshadowed by a girl in a bikini running across the course, but that’s another story.

Like any good snowboard contest, feet came out. Scott Stevens.

Scott Stevens rode the contest like he was filming a video part, continually having fun and still riding the course a half hour after the event was over. “I told myself I couldn’t party tonight unless I was hurting at the end of this,” he explained when he asked why he didn’t stop.

Scotty Wittlake was not at all biased. (It says 1st place next to Scott Stevens)

Judges Chris Grenier, Scotty Wittlake, Jess Kimura, and Sean Genovese did a good job of paying attention to the riding, and not the names, and as the cardboard IOU’s were handed out, there was little-to-no disagreement from the crowd. Hobush and Dylan Thompson’s precision and technicality had topped the rest of the field, respectively. Ryan Paul, front-flip-master Jaeger Bailey and Jonah Owen rounded out the rest of the top five and finally Spencer Schubert earned best trick (which was presented by some poison water company) with his off-course show of snowboarding prowess.

Yale Cousino got all inverted.

Thanks as always to Krush and Snowboy Productions, as well as the rest of the event’s sponsors for an entertaining and unique rail jam. See ya at the next stop, October 27 in San Francisco.

The official standings:

1. Brandon Hobush
2. Dylan Thompson
3. Ryan Paul
4. Jaeger Bailey
5. Jonah Owen
Best Trick: Spencer Schubert

Hobush can soon pay back all his tequila debts.

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And here’s the gallery by NJ Petersen (Click any image to enlarge and scroll through):

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  1. forealdo
    forealdo says:

    “The first notable snowboarding event was when Desiree Melancon got ass-fucked by the donkey dick, or a donkey show as it’s called in Mexico.”

    This is beautiful.

  2. putyourhaterblockerson
    putyourhaterblockerson says:

    OK OK WE GET IT hobush can do 270s and switch backlips first try. we been seent this shit for a while now your style is too god damn robotic. and open up your stance a hair so it doesn’t look like your fucking knock kneed when you do a front board JESUS

  3. Cackalack
    Cackalack says:

    @jerm No one else wants to say that because its SO critical that whoever says it just looks like a jealous douche bag. Hobush kills it.

  4. jerm
    jerm says:

    @cackalack, never said he didnt kill it. the kid is really good at what he does. i just liked how the other guy had the fortitude to make such an aggressive comment.

  5. Truth
    Truth says:

    I was there and Hobush was more on point then everyone else, Ryan Paul was during clean tricks other then flips, (almost everyone in the contest flipped) and he as a good head on his shoulders.

  6. PileS
    PileS says:

    bush killed it, dude was stomping hammers while the rest were pole jamming and warming up. the bums were my favorite part, they didnt even ask for a beer.

  7. Travis Pastrana
    Travis Pastrana says:

    Yobeat is for talking shit and smoking weed, not big words….. “fortitude”? more like fuck you

  8. random kid
    random kid says:

    @yourfatfather: word
    @The View: good point. doesn’t hurt to do them from time time, but a goof thing to build entire career on them IMO

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