Blower Extras


If you live in the Northwest, this is in your near future. If you don’t live here, don’t move here. This is fake. It rains ALL THE TIME.

  • dlowk

    Good thing they have a Subie. Those things can handle anything.

  • Dan Munro

    Best clip that i have seen in a very long time.. Sure beats hood edits.

  • squares

    i forgot what i was watching for a minute, and then i remembered what it was and why it wasnt very good. enough fucking gopro footage. of anything.

  • Dunno

    Where were the shots where it wasn’t cloudy filmed? Salt Lake? Couldn’t be PNW.


    That was awesome…made me feel like when we used to climb the rope in gym class

  • ooooohhhhh powder snooooowwwww

    how i miss thee

  • Dig Dirkler

    Dudeee… this is so well made man.. it captures the best aspects of snowboarding, especially how fun it is.
    But damn, the editor must have died a little inside to put a tindy as the ender.. so huge though.

  • mikkyp

    I had to stop watching as this looked like so much fun it made me angry.