La Tournee du Patron FULL MOVIE


This movie is from France, so rather than some up with something to say about it ourselves, we’ll just copy and google translate Fluofun‘s write up:

Good series is incorporated trilogy. Harakiri and guys were not wrong because we deliver the complete version of the third and final installment of their saga already worship: The tour boss. BIM!

Hmm. Maybe that was a bad idea.

Featuring: JJ Roux, Enzo NIlo, Thomas Gerin, Ben Thomas Javid, Thomas Delfino and some of their friends

a movie by Manuel VIVION / JJ ROUX / Bruno RIVOIRE

  • His brother Chongo

    This movie was really good. All of the riders were really good and had good style… and I’d never even heard of any of them. Quality post. Too bad the average yobitch is going to turn this off when they realize this movie is mostly jumps and baggy pants.

  • JP Walker

    The French. Who knew they were actually decent at something.

  • midwest murder

    cupa mi pito.

  • Pedo-Dino


  • YoBitch

    COudnt ake it through the whole thing, got to were it said rossi snowboards then puked out a rail..

  • Not

    The movie is horrible.. Good tricks but horrible music and angles.. Looked like it was filmed in 1999.

  • Saucisse

    Ahahahaha you funny american.
    Look there is someone wearing adidas shoes on the side. It might be a euro soccer player .

  • so sick, looked like good times

  • Timwindells’ballsack

    They hit some big ramps.

  • François Hollande

    putain de bordel de merde. très bien fait.

  • bennson

    the french suck!! but the snowboarding was alright