Nitro’s Hyped! Teaser


What has 26 thumbs and is hyped on boarding? These guys!

Featuring: Austin Smith, Eero Ettala, Jon Kooley, Justin Bennee, Bryan Fox, Mark Swoboda, Markus Keller, Knut Eliassen, Anton Gunnarsson, Gjermund Braaten, Cheryl Maas, Benny Urban, Eric Botner, and many more like you have never seen them before.

  • Coffee Shits

    Nitro Circus is so sick

  • midwest murder


  • G

    This is going to be SICK.

  • harry

    nitro circus! cant wait!

  • Riley goodwin

    blake gies is the best!!!

  • truth

    This has the potential to be real good

  • that teaser was hype

  • merica

    shane wright people

  • murphdawg

    awh sheeeeeeit

  • upstatemike.

    hahaha 2:14 is amazing.

  • Minnesotanice

    ender was nuts.

  • uh….

    So stoked… This movie made me want to go snowboarding so bad!!! Cant wait for it to snow…