#FORUM Teaser


Remember when you could have conversations about things on twitter without someone telling you what hashtag to use? Thank god that’s over!

Featuring: #andreaswiig #patmoore #jakewelch #nicsauve #austensweetin #campierce #danielek #mariokaeppeli

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  1. two22's
    two22's says:

    Forum has made some good movies in the past and this looks like it won’t be an exception. Can’t wait to see this one!

  2. !
    ! says:

    i don’t think anyone’s pysched on this…no stevie, no niko, no peter, and none of the flow guys like bonus, whittaker, or anyone else who you’re not totally bored of by now.
    Fuck forum, it’s just another way of saying Burton…

  3. Grag
    Grag says:

    message to the haters: forum movies always showcase next level riding, whether you like the riders or not. i’m psyched.

  4. jerm
    jerm says:

    itll be sick without a doubt. but with that line up it seems like it wont have as good of a feel as some of their past movies. more like a snowboard porn movie.

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