Toeside Terrors Test: The 2013 Rome Shank

Tech drops some knowledge on The 2013 Rome Shank 153. Word.

The Official Info:

NEW: NoHang-Ups Rocker camber — 3D camber profiling in the nose and tail with a flat camber NoHang-Ups diamond in the middle.

NEW: Skatecore profiling — softer flex between the bindings, stiffer in the nose and tail.

NEW: ButterOut Transition Zones — Longer transition zones makes for a smoother, more pressable, less catchy ride.

Carbon single barrel HotRods in the nose and tail means more pop without added stiffness.

QuickRip Sidecut – More responsive at slower speeds and powerful at higher speeds.

Rides a little longer so you can size down a few cm.


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