Footyfiend’s Forgotten iPhone Footy


Just imagine what they’ll be able to do with an iPhone 5!

Featuring: Dillon Ojo, Cody Wilson, Brandon Hobush and Alex Stathis

  • wumbo

    Is Al ambidextrous?

  • randy mathews

    does he have a fisheye lens for his iPhone?

  • Teddy


  • apple

    iphone 5 actually has a built in fisheye. new state of the art technology


    uh huh me and Beavis like got our iPhone 5

  • Miggs

    GBP is down with iPhone 5! Get Wid It

  • Beavis

    uhuh Hey BUTTHEAD nobody likes you… erm uhehhuh

  • Future

    Cody Wilson is the next Cody Wilson

  • matt

    alex stathis cant be fucked with

  • DADswag


    most profound statement yet on yobeat

  • The music made me cut myself

  • Shawt Bus Shawty
  • FootyFIEND

    These comments are boring… Where the haters at?!?

  • uncle joe

    that switch frontboard pretzel

  • merica

    this should have been rejected edits

  • merica

    only because they filmed it with an i phone