Every Third Thursday: Adaptive Snowboard Reinvented


This month’s challenge is to merge Signal snowboards technology and Crankbrothers Mountain bike component technology to create a new next-level custom adaptive snowboard customized to get a new crew of shredders on the hill. The motivation for the build is personal–in 2000, good friend and pro snowboarder Tim Ostler was paralyzed from the chest down in a halfpipe snowboarding accident. Despite maintaining an athletic lifestyle, Tim hasn’t been snowboarding since….

  • so fuckin rad!

  • JP Walker

    this is by far the coolest thing signal has done

  • ohhhlala


  • fuck yeah

    if this doesnt make you smile, then you have no soul

  • Minnesotanice

    okay I admit it, I teared up watching it.

  • Pedo-Dino

    The real chuck norris of shred!

  • wow…this is awesome

  • ice coast

    Officially the greatest thing Signal has ever done. Not to mention bobby meeks is a boss.

  • Hride


  • this edit should be nominated for an Emmy

  • Is it too bold to say this is better than Jed In Full?

  • MQue

    He said it best “snowboarding is a family bond” Great ETT

  • smokinshreder

    The heart behind Signal brings positivity and inspiration to snowboarding. gives me a reason to still love this sport as much as i do!

  • That was a really cool thing to do for Timmy. He’s an awesome person. It would be beyond rad if Signal put him on the team to give courage and hope to others out there that want to get on the snow-chair but maybe a bit intimidated.

    And let us not forget cool-ass people that ripped hard on the snow and ended up in wheelchairs, like Trevor Snowden.