Toeside Terrors Test: 2013 Salomon Villain

With a name like the Villain, there was only one set of zebra pants that could adequately demonstrate this board’s potential.


The pros: I’ve never ridden a wide snowboarding before, but it was similar to riding a wide skateboard — leaning into turns was super smooth because your feet are on top of it. My feet are 10.5 and I was pleasantly surprised by the stability this board offered. It was noticeably poppy, the tail practically collected medals off jumps. I also didn’t feel like I was about to wash out, ever.

The cons: Though I only rode it a limited amount of time, I felt like it lost flex throughout the day. It’s definitely a board I could see losing pop over time.

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  1. nathan
    nathan says:

    obviously not the real shaun white. theres no way his zeach instincts would have let him go straight down that box

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