Mobbin’s Team Edit


We know you guys love Colorado and people hitting jumps, so you’ll definitely be psyched on this team edit from Mobbin’ Wear. You’re welcome.

Riders in Order: Wylie Adams, Kai Wiggins, Brandon Rohrbaugh, Blake Axelson, John Hemminger, Madison Bailey, Grant Giller, Matt Genovese, Chase Demeulenaere, Brendan Hart

  • yobiz


  • dlowk



    Grant is a pussy, and his haircut makes him look like it’s his first day of kindergarten.

  • Grant Giller

    One time on prom, rather than fucking my date, I petted her arm and weirded her out… -___-


  • YOLO

    Hey grant, sick double rodeo 810 and frontside double cork 990! #landedsideways #notverygood


    even though my front double would have been super sick if i just left it at nine, my coach said that if i revert 180 in the landing the free flow tour judges will like it more.

  • s

    somebody tell matt genovese to just stick to skateboarding

  • Pat Bridges

    If I could go back and change one thing from this year, I wouldn’t have let Grant into the launch. Fucking kook didn’t do anything cool.

  • so you guys can spin allot. who gives a shit.

  • Grant Giller

    When I jack off instead of jizzing into a tissue I stand up and cum on the tile floor, then wipe it up with a wet paper towel.

  • G Gillz

    One time I threw up everywhere and ran around naked #collegelife


    I drank about 3.5 beers after my senior prom. The next morning some cops breathalyzed my friends and I and I was scared I might get an MIP, but then I remembered that I’m a pussy and only drank three and a half beers

  • Matt Gress

    Coming from a redneck in Nebraska… Grant looks like a bitch. Richter

  • Tao

    the comments on this video have made me lose faith in humanity.

  • This isn’t Grant

    It is quite pathetic that everyone is hating on Grant, it would be nice to show some love toward a great individual.

  • This is grant

    I <3 sloppy seconds

  • wade thomas

    why the fuck would the cops breatalyze you the next morning?

  • Typicsl HCSC He$h3r

    what the Ca$h is a jump??

  • ice coast

    I stopped watching after the first shot. You can’t start an edit with a 50-50 180 out. no matter what.

  • damn rich boys tryin to hard.. yal a bunch of bicthes mobbin n slobbin on dick

  • Miggs

    GBP all day everyday! Cali Kush Gremlinz Free Zullo Sabbaba JSLV

  • Don Perignon

    Wow this is gay as fuck

  • Rick

    Looks like what we have here is a bunch of gymnasts

  • haha

    kai wiggens and brendan hart are pretty good

  • Wai Kiggins

    I <3 Wifi Bars

  • where did all the people bitching on the videos over the last couple of weeks saying how yobeat is stagnant and theyre sick of the same tight stanced 360s onto rail edits go? turns out you dont like variety, back to the tube edits then.

  • anothercanadian

    @jerm I like this edit.

  • Teddy

    @Jerm like robot contest style is any better than tight stanced 3’s on?

  • i thought this was an intersting change to what is normally posted. he does some really sweet stuff. i would however have liked to see some slower spins as well

  • boneyballsack

    they need a new filmer this one doesnt know how to keep a damn camera steady

  • Eric

    Super sick edit. WTF is wrong with you kids.

  • Get at us

    We need A filmer, we never had a filmer in the first place.

  • JP Walker

    the jumps were sick, but the filming could definitely use some work. nice job over all though.

  • G Gillz

    I dont smoke weed cus I’m a fucking pusssyyyyyy. #collegelife #yeaaa

  • G

    I love how everyone is hating on kids who fucking throw down on jumps, maybe you’ll appreciate it more when you can do more than a back 3 off of a side hit

  • -bob duato-

    @jerm I saw this hosted on another site then got pissed that there werent any tight stanced 3s onto tubes and went straight to yobeat