Jed In Full


Alright you jerks. We know you couldn’t wait until we were allowed to post this to watch it, and we forgive you for that. In fact, we know you guys couldn’t even wait ’til yesterday. How about that leak, eh? In honor of the great efforts than went into the now-deleted re edit, we wanna make today’s Jed experience a little interactive. So…

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Presented by: Salomon Snowboards and Nike Snowboarding

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  1. mcdonalds apple pie
    mcdonalds apple pie says:

    all the raging kids are going to be all over the whole front flipping on your back like in the credits on the red lege. betcha 1 dolla

  2. snowdread
    snowdread says:

    im pretty sure im friends with someone who rides 1 time a year and could do all of those maneuvers. Its still a sick part, but all you yobeaters eat it up like he does stuff that nobody else does.

  3. anothercanadian
    anothercanadian says:

    @D5 i was not stating that he does not hit jumps, i just would like to see it! someone link me up with some jump clips

  4. Steve Berra
    Steve Berra says:

    Yo Jed! Your snowboarding amazes me, reminds me of my vert days. Word on the street is you’re into skating too. I find myself having a hard time, trying to back up my street skating shot in the Skullcandy Commercial with a full street part. So I would need you as my wingman to film my part, are you down?


  5. trollguy937
    trollguy937 says:

    wtf?? how did that post a transworld link?? whatever. just go on youtube and search Jed Anderson Bon Voyage and watch his part, he hits a few jumps

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