Dennis Leontyev at Windells


Everyone’s favorite Russian combo master Dennis Leontyev recent tore his ACL. Despite all good doctors’ warnings that you should wait 6-9 months before getting extreme, he clearly doesn’t give a fuck. Here’s what went down a mere four months post surgery.

  • sluicebox

    that first thing made my knees hurt real bad

  • wumbo

    fuck knees

  • Lorenzo.

    First shot would’ve been such a hammer.

  • daboss

    that fool has some ill ass Stee!

  • Rick Ross’s Diabetic Uncle

    Where’s the switch hardway back 3 on to a down flat down prezel 3 out?

  • after watching jed in full 30 times in a row, this just didn’t cut it.

  • therealrickross

    shits sick, knee or not, but whats up with the gucci music?

  • Zoid

    Wow. This guy is seriously good.

  • daboss

    his styles iller than jeds

  • Nanerz

    4 months was too long he should rode his board out of the hospital like a champ!

  • i wanna see a game of snow

    dennis vs i dont know who has half of these tricks

  • Timwindells’ballsack

    holy helicopter!!!!!

  • uhhhh

    none of these tricks counted. he swiveled into all of them. and while we are at it, keegan valaika zeaches all the time and gets away with it.

  • umm

    4 months after surgery is the time a person is most likely to re tear. he’s dumb. and lucky

  • umm

    also, ugh. not down with the swively, zeachy, switch upy thing. pick a trick and lock in bud.

  • AlGore

    Yopbeat please use my internet more correct and embed the movie player at a correct size so your audiences can enjoy the snow in a better way

  • That Guy

    Dude hucks those spins on, Not hating tho he’s dope

  • JP Walker

    Heck yes, best thing posted on chodebeat since Jed in Full!

  • adam

    thug lyfe

  • Blood fart

    We can all agree jed and Dennis are dope. End of story

  • ralph nador

    jed didnt tear his acl 4 months prior though:0

  • dumbledor

    hes casting a harry potter spell with his arms.

  • frank

    Skier Style

  • squares

    @umm, Eat a dick. He obviously has it taped up and a ridiculously expensive brace. This was fucking rad.

  • luke

    if you like spinning so much there are these things called jumps…

  • eye spy

    alot of zeaches, and alot of swivels

  • Grag

    this dude doesn’t give a f**k

  • PileS

    yall are high, he pops the spins, and then locks them in, then continues to spin in the opposite direction of the damn obstacle. bonus slays, you know nothing

  • Be easy

    I just wonder how people can hate on this cuz that vid was hard as fuck. And the first spot… Wanna see this dude hitting some urban stuff

  • michigander

    holy fucking shit

  • Dr. Phil

    4 months from an acl tear? sorry your knee is fucked now, shouldve waited atleast another 4 months.

    trust me I am a doctor.

  • Idiots

    If Jed made a video of just park riding it would be about 100x better then this.

  • Denis

    come on guys. I worked really hard to get back sooner and that was doctors’ decision to let me go snowboarding. I still have 2 doctors watching me

    and those of you leaving comments like congrats, you got your ACL torn again should think twice before posting it.. for real

  • mdot

    the shit he was trying when he tore his acl was FUCKING BOSS most of you faggots would quiver in your boots at the sight of that hit

  • karnkarn

    Kid is better than most and has much time to improve his style. Take care of them knees.

  • yobiz

    sick switch upz…

  • exactly

    nice dick faggots

  • Boom!

  • EvanisfromNC

    dude i definitely know how you feel. i tore my acl and a bunch of other shit in my knee a couple years ago resulting in surgery. they said i needed a year to recover. had 3 months to make it back. shit sucks so bad. respect