EXCLUSIVE! Shaun White Arrest Footage


Shaun White’s recent run in with the law has made headlines across the globe, but only on Yobeat.com will you see the exclusive footage of his kerfuffle with a concerned citizen that led to his hospitalization and arrest!

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  1. sluicebox
    sluicebox says:

    every time i watch one of these yobeat gems all that comes to mind is that scene from arrested development where the guy opens a bag that has “dead dove do not eat” written on it and then he’s like well i don’t know what i expected

  2. Georg foreman
    Georg foreman says:

    Holy shit ma niggas this firecrotch be crazy as helllll1!!! Lookin like a coked up carrot top SMH…….

  3. DTT
    DTT says:

    “I have 100 medals. No more medals in hotel room…must get more medals” Bahaha that’s definitely how shaun white zooms around town.

  4. JakeHurtin
    JakeHurtin says:

    Yobeat – “making fun of snowboarding since 1987”

    Real snowboarders – “making fun of yobeat since 1987”

    Yobeat tries waaay too hard. This site is nothing more than a conglomerate of industry a$Sholes, ignorant followers all trying to outwit each other with lame one-liners. The cynical approach is sooo 1987.

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