Under Review: VG’s The Darkside


Finally Justin Meyer and crew have embraced The Darkside. From black rats and swinging dicks to broken shit and shit eating grins The Darkside delivers on all expectations, except one. Do not expect to see a lot of snow in any video this year. Blame it on the Republicans.

Anyway, a Meyer project is always a must buy in my book. Expect plenty of weirdness, backside 270s onto scary shit, sketchy choices and another year of dudes trying to kill themselves in the streets.

The Rundown:

Jake OE tried this winter and it shows. His shitty haircut will make you laugh.

Kooley and Mendenhal share a part. I know shocker right? There’s even some mountain riding.

Harrison Gordon finally falls on his face, but then goes back to being the technical wizard that makes his mom lose sleep at night. (Watch for the funniest 180 ever.)

Ben Bilocq is quickly becoming one of the most well rounded snowboarders of the era. If you need a reason to buy a video, this might be it. You’ll learn a lot.

There’s a huge friends section. The good news is these friends happen to be real good.

Gus Engle is the closest thing to skateboarding we’ve got. Like him or love him, you have to respect how little of a fuck he gives for being so damn good.

Danimals. Do I have to say anything or can you just get excited already? His banger is sure to confuse all of you.

Laurent Nicolas Paquin is still a dirty, hairy, French Candian who guzzels beer, has pirate tattoos, a beard and a whole lot of raw talent.

Darrel Mathes is becoming the old pro who doesn’t have to try and still comes out on top. This is one of his best parts in years.

Holy shit Nick Dirks filmed a part and guess what, it’s gnarly, fast and more like an 80s punk video than a snowboard part. Can’t wait to see kids bite this editing style.

Chris Grenier can do anything on a snowboard and does. Plus, he’s not a d-bag and has weird, Full R behavior throughout his part. What’s not to love?

Finally, Joe Sexton is back from the dead, and guess what, this part makes up for the last few years of bullshit behavior. An ender truly deserved. Bravo Joe.

By the way, if you are the watch-on-repeat-for-days kind of guy, the banger section in the back will be all you need this winter.

SHOULD YOU BUY IT? Yes, 4/5 stars.

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  1. sluicebox
    sluicebox says:

    @KELLYGOOSECOCK I still remember that playoff game where you kicked the game winning 75 yard field goal and threw for a 35 yard touchdown reception. you are a true legend of backyard football

  2. truth
    truth says:

    Jonas didn’t film much this year with anyone. He doesnt have anything in the givin movie either. He spent most of the winter traveling (non snowboard related)

  3. Pedo-Dino
    Pedo-Dino says:

    darkside.darkside.darkside.darkside.darkside.darkside.darkside.darkside.darkside.darkside.darkside.darkside.darkside. WE GOT COOKIES!

  4. rob
    rob says:

    joe’s bullshit is probably about jumping ship from ashbury the season they gave him a promodel.

    Good to see him back where he should be.

  5. Wank
    Wank says:

    You only praised the movie, but still gave it a 4/5? Let us know why the fuck isn’t it a 5/5, as you made it sound like the best movie ever!

  6. APPLE
    APPLE says:


    show a trick that makes people go “oh shit” and then cut to the next scene right before the good part. these guys are the masters of it.. talk about blue balls.

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