Rhode Island Skate Edit #10


We’d been feeling like this summer was missing something, and now we know what it was. Skate edits from Dr. B!

In order of appearance: Nolan McCaffrey, Kyle Arruda, Andrew Rebelo, Seth Pernal and Justin Healey.

Filming: Brendan G. and Pat Fenelon; Edit: Brendan G.

Music: The Raveonettes -Oh, I Buried You Today; Andre 3000 -International Players Anthem

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  1. Timwindells'ballsack
    Timwindells'ballsack says:

    The State of Rhode Island should be paying these guys. Between this and Yawgoons, R.I. isn’t looking too bad.

  2. Skilmer
    Skilmer says:

    Way better skating than I expected for anything on yobeat. But get closer with that got dayum fisheye. If ya ain’t taking lens hits, ya ain’t close enough.

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