Wanderlust Teaser


wan·der·lust [won-der-luhst] noun

1) a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about. Roxy teamed up with the lovely ladies of Peep Show to bring you Wanderlust, a series
2) A new video series from Roxy and Peep Show featuring babes who are better at snowboarding than you.

For more info visit roxy.com/snow

  • frankthatank

    pretty good…..for a girl..

  • merica


  • This is a feature film already…

  • ohio

    Hells fuckin a yeah Corinne!

  • I’m just posting a comment prior to any other sexist comments made before the poster even watched the attached video.

  • whoops; too late.

  • OH skeet skeet

    Corinne muthafuggin Pasela folks!

  • Your dad

    Big C. So hawt right now.

  • snooowboard

    corinne repping northeast ohioooooo

  • molespit

    hmmmm… i wonder how many of them swallow

  • mayhem

    that. was. some really good boardin

  • Skilmer

    All these haters prefer the dick… solid moves ladies.

  • cant

    wait does banshee make a special bungee for girls orrr

  • cant

    oh nvm they got a whole clan of girls to pull it

    oh and what do you tell a women with 2 black eyes?

  • cant

    nothin already told her twice

  • lol

  • rico

    corinnes riding to cuteness ratio is so on point

  • Pedo-Dino


  • stop snowboarding. you have a better time riding me and you know it.

  • midwest murder

    fuckkkk yuhhhh! sexy.

  • Steven Konkler

    I’d fuck Danielle in the butt

  • murphdog

    no bloody tampons…