The Nike Snowboarding Project Teaser


When you’re Nike, you get to do things other brands only dream of. Like hiring the all-star film team of Joe Carlino, Brad Kremer and Justin Hostynek to make your ads for you. This season they’ll drop three mini movies, one each from the streets, the park and the backcountry, and this is the official teaser.

  • rombert curluso

    It’s truly amazing what you can achieve with slave labour, an amazing team of riders and some comfy boots.

  • Har

    Why is hallsors trick in there and his name not?

  • Pedo-Dino


  • Cant think of anything witty for this one. I slept with jerms mom last night she has a saga tattoo on her cooter.

  • nikepro

    that was justin bennee in the red tee

  • agaS mask Saga

    u needed agaS mask for that Saga tat

  • weinerhosue



    they are a running shoe company

  • JP Walker

    don’t do it.

  • dick poncho

    whats a danny kass?

  • Nike Boots.32 outerwear.
    All Day!

  • i wish every video had more bennee

  • i have no problem with the running shoe company. they help people i like to watch snowboard more. dont be hating on nike then turning a blind eye to the monster take over of snowboarding.

  • wade thomas

    people are starting to take this sport too seriously

  • make friends or die

  • bricksquad

    i was all about that “dont do it” shit until i tried on a pair of nike boots. those little chinese children sure can make a nice pair of boots

  • Rick Ross

    Bitch, I’ve got a nike shop.

  • midwest murder


  • @ Jerm

    Monster doesn’t take money away from snowboard companies. They help them out like with VG and the CAPiTA movies. Nike takes money away from other outwear and boot companies. If snowboarding didn’t make money they wouldn’t care about it. Not all the people who help run it are passionate snowboarders, in fact some of them are soccer moms who live in beaverton. They care about the history or the roots of this “sport” or what I like to call participation activity. Plus we already have enough wack people on snow.

  • ^good point. Its still not something thats necessarily good for snowboarding though. the money is yes, but the image that comes along with energy drinks and that whole scene is kind of bogus i think.

  • poopshack

    enrgy drinks are fucking poison. they give it cool packaging and tell kids that their faivorite riders r drinking it when really its just water in a monster brand water bottle. i couldnt care less about the image, to be honest most of the shit monster endorses is pretty tight. but what about the poisoned kids man?? the kids…

  • sluicebox

    all i can think about while watching these types of teasers is “what if lick the cat had this budget…that would be way fuckin cooler”

  • @ poopshack

    you drink water now? good for you. I’m glad you saw a sticker on austin smith board.

  • pizzaparty

    Nice to see super 8 film still being used

  • @ Jed
  • @ Jerm

    Yeah saga gives snowboarding a really good image too; not. Kids will always drink bad stuff like any time of soda you see.

  • Biel

    I loved the cut out of Austin Hironaka’s face.

  • I wasnt even trying to bring saga into this. you can hate if you want, it doesnt bother me. but maybe take a look at some of the outerwear other companies make. volcom, bonfire, burton, they all make some pretty suspect looking stuff. and they sell a lot more of that shit to people who look like clowns out on the hill than saga does. but again, hate if you want, i dont care. I like what saga makes for the most part and I like being able to support the snowboarders that I think deserve it and dont get the support they need from their other sponsors.

  • wow

    jerm. your brain washed and or retarted. you sound really dumb more often then not – saga is fucking gay. no question about that. along with you, lipton and jon stark

  • ^ok. maybe you’ll figure it out one day.


    this is why our country is in debt.

  • overheard in a Nike board meeting, 2009.

    “WAIT guys i have an idea…we make footwear. Where else can we capitalize on the fact that people need things on their feet? We already own running, walking, hiking, soccer, football, golf, field hockey, cricket, rugby, tennis, freestyle walking, skateboarding, cross-training, baseball, hockey, basketball, cycling…we need more money.”

    “Well, my son does this snowboarding thing in our backyard, they need things on their feet to do that.”


  • karnkarn

    Video chapters unlocked o0o Nike.