Toeside Terrors Test: The Burton Cheetah

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The Burton Cheetah, part of the Family Tree, was EXTREMELY FAST and perfect for our powder-hound of a super hero, Mr. Anonymous.

The Real Deal:

Pros: I rode a powder board on slushy groomers, and to my surprise, it was amazing. Wide nose, good edges, and amazing pop. Riding off jumps and side hits was no different than riding other boards, and I actually found the tail to be more responsive than some of the rail boards I rode.

Cons: The board is heavy, and you can’t ride switch that easily (but it is a swallow tailed pow board, c’mon now.) I never got to ride it powder so it is really impossible for me to say how it rode in the terrain it was designed for. When landing flat on groomers, it was a little harsh on the knees, but hopefully if you own this board, you will get to actually ride powder with it.


Why is Mr. Anonymous so awesome? Watch this to find out!

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  1. sluicebox
    sluicebox says:

    @jim no stay away from skibowl after a big dump it is terrible go to meadows instead. thats where all the blazers fans go so it must be the best

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