Agnes The Movie


The Shoulda Danished crew is on it, dropping one of the first full flicks of the year, and at a little under 40 minutes, we do mean FULL.

A film by Ben Giesbrecht & Dale Bailey.

Featuring: Agnes, Dylan Vachon, Dale Bailey, Craig Mcmorris, Kurtis Rothecker, Ben Giesbrecht, Connor Copithorn, Joe Hills, Will Fraser, Craig Beaulieu, Jesmond Dubeau, Alaura Ewen, Alex Murovec, Kyle Stainton, Jake Bergen, Nick Arsenault, Dave Kinskofer, Matt Cassidy, Jordan Marowitch, Reid Spak & Our friends at Timebomb Film

  • CornWolf

    This is more busty than Kate Uptons titties!

  • Hansu Weith


  • Pedo-Dino


  • Naughty Toddy

    Better than Canadian Bacon! Agnes is a sexy beast.

  • roland rojii

    good editing and good snowboarding

  • nathan

    Ive been waiting forever for these free online movies to drop. so pumped for the next couple of weeks!

  • Tom

    Dylan has some great style.

  • AssWhore

    20 minutees to long, could have beat off twice to some pov porn in the extra time you should have cut. Thanks boner killer

  • So lemme get this strait, you buy an RV to drive around Canada to hit rails? RAILS?!?!?! You hosers should be stripped of your Canadian citizenship eh. Jesus, 40mins of RV based jibbing. Wow. Words cannot do justice to the level of fail here. Sure it was shot well, and edited well, but living that close to some of the most insane terrain in the world to release a road trip video about jibbing is a failure of momentous proportions. But good on ya for having fun, doing a good job filming and editing. Next time though, discover the mountains. Afterall, that’s what this is all about.


    ^^ ill save this one for when im really bored because 40 minutes is long for a snowboard movie about a bunch of gypsies. But give him some credit, anyone living out of a van for a winter for the soul purpose of shred is purely awesome.

  • Parker

    That was awesome!

  • !

    not gonna call you guys biters but you could have honestly been a little more creative with your spot selection

  • eric

    really good snowboard film

  • Just Saying..

    This is just my opinion but I think it’s super wack that you guys went to Louif’s Real Snow spot in the same year and copied the same shit he did ( rail to wall re direct)… that shit’s not cool at least wait a year before biting that hard. After all if he never did that you wouldn’t even have thought of it.

  • Just Saying..

    Cool video though, I enjoyed it. Good style.

  • @Jesus H. Tapdancing-Christ, not everyone finds enjoyment in the same kind of snowboarding you do. Just because everyone tells you snowboarding belongs in the mountains and thats the only legitimate thing to do doesnt mean you have to do it. if someone has fun hitting rails then go hit rails.

  • Jussi

    I can’t believe how many video crews out there who have wayyyy worse videos have so many hook ups. Can’t believe the quality of this coming from some broke no namers. Some companies are really blowing it, these are the people the industry should be supporting

  • Jussi

    I bet the majority of videos from this year are going to have the exact same spots anyways. Everywhere sucked for snow except quebec so get ready for a season of who did the better tricks and who filmed the better angles. Kudos to these guys for getting them out there first and setting the bar. (other than the slaying louif already pulled off at only a couple of these spots)

  • two22’s

    who the fuck cares if they hit rails (even ones that have been hit before). Your not filming with them so don’t tell them what to hit. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Everybody mellow out and enjoy some good ol’ canadian snowboarding.

  • slc local

    way dope.. fun to watch

  • squares


  • hc

    @jussi Hell yes! Such a good point.The fact that the industry is sleeping on kids like this is a shame. Especially Dylan V. Someone please give him a free snowboard so he can stop trying to warranty the same gnu pickle 80 times. Also Craig McMorris is amazing and its too bad he’s always overshadowed by Mark. He does really unique tricks and is really versatile. Mark doesn’t even hit handrails

  • weinerhosue


  • gh

    dylan vachon is way to good to not be getting free boardz

  • Obama

    heck yeah!

  • dylan v is sick dont get me wrong. but is there any reason anyone would actually care about him? there are so many kids that are really good at snowboarding. just being able to do good things doesnt get you paid unfortunately.

  • Obviously

    Jerm sucks dick at snowboarding and shouldn’t even comment about relevancy.