Toeside Terrors Test: 2013 CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome

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The graphics on this shit are bad-ass, and with a name like “Defenders of Awesome” it was a no-brainer that one of our favorite snowboard super heroes, Terry Dactyl, had to put it to the test.

The real deal

Pros: Super poppy and responsive. I am a huge skeptic of all new hybrid cambers but for a “flat board” the tail was really strong and consistent. The edge held up great, and I did not find myself reverting as often as I would on a reverse camber board.

Cons: This board was a little stiff, I didn’t find it to be too much of a problem but I imagine it to be quite a leg-wrecker in the powder. Also, I found myself being distracted by the babe graphics… then again you could just use her hotness to help you progress, like she’s watching always, and judging.

MSRP: $379
Sizes: 152, 154, 156, 158, 160

Who the fuck is Terry Dactyl? Watch this and learn.

  • Tim Horton

    Wow. I thought these were going to be actual reviews.

  • @Tim Horton, HA! thats funny.

  • rob

    hes no donny diamond.

  • george foreman

    fucking skinny faggot
    why don’t you have a real snowboarder like stevie bell do this shit?
    that white girl better have some a$$ tho

  • CornWolf

    Fucking love this shit!

  • Hansu Weith


  • “I would like for you to image strapping your feet on to a rocket and heading straight for the fucking moon dude, cause that’s pretty much what fucking happened here today. ”
    So good.

  • That Scale In Your Tool Box

    Doesn’t seem balanced to me…

  • basedgod

    i fucked your board

  • Nasty James

    Looks like he’s channeling plastic soldiers

  • nathan

    Terry Dactyl really has those dinosaur hand motions on lock when he talks

  • these suck

  • dick poncho

    maybe, just maybe one day, yobeat will realize that these really aren’t funny.

  • shake ya azz

    These are rad.

    Pussies hate-n’

  • so.. it’s pretty easy to judge if you like the graphic of a board, by looking at it on the Internet.

    It’s not easy to tell how it rides from seeing a picture.

    I feel like describing how the board rides would be more helpful then saying funny things about the graphic like a Bostonian.. just sayin’

  • wumbo

    Why hasn’t Jerm commented on how he has unions on a capita

  • if youre looking for an actual review try, transworld, shayboarder or any one of those other weak sites. But if getting a chuckle or two while learning some info about how something feels isnt cutting it for then you came to the wrong site.

  • EstCostMost


  • fuck ya front 3 melons

  • Enzo

    Dave from the House Reborn..

  • babygail420fourU

    Jerm, You manage a ski company.

  • ^its outerwear, your comment is irrelevant, and thanks for contributing to the naive dipshit population that comprises yobeat.

  • jaded teenager

    I’m so over snowboarding skateboarding is way more raw fuck having fun I would rollerblade if I wanted to have fun

  • wade thomas

    Thanks yobeat for the encompassing and thorough review.

  • Avid Consumer

    Tight review. this is what the industry needs: a lot less corporate fuckitism and snobby-ass riders and more true rippers like Terry Dactyl.