The GBP Snowboards Recipe


So seriously, the Gremlinz REALLY need you to buy one of their boards now. Here’s some artsy bs to entice you.

GBP SNowboards. Hand PAinted by Tyler Lynch. This Is the “live your Dream” SababaLand Board.

Visit for more details about the boards. Hand Made in Lake Tahoe By Smokin Snowboards. Pre-Orders Available at for short time.

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  1. Pavo
    Pavo says:

    If I knew where to preorder one I’d probably do it but there’s not shit on there site about it…. Git wit it gremlinz

  2. burnt tree.
    burnt tree. says:

    hahaha, fuck caked! tyler had to come up with his own deck, cuz that ginger homo dave is to stupid to run a business. what a kook, but he does make sweet tie dyes. hhaahahaha

  3. hollidaze
    hollidaze says:

    yo your a fuckin clown burnt tree….there all still homies and still shred together. lets see your company fool…oh word, don’t have one.

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