Rejected Edits


The Rejected Edits folder has been pretty small lately. Good work people, you’re starting to understand that no one cares about your shitty edits. Unfortunately the privileged few who get to take part in summer snowboarding haven’t got the memo. This round of edits lures you in with what could potentially be an ok viewing, only to quickly make you wish you never turned your computer on.

Summer Shred: D-

I gave your Bear Mountain-goes-indoors edit the benefit of the doubt until :16. Whatever you call that is a dead ringer for a reject. I especially liked the chick with the late press at 1:06. You can get more laps then a 14-year-old on Red Bull at hyland in this dome. You should be able to put out a better edit.


Yet again, until you tried to start your own cool guy summer word and hand gesture, your edit was ok. Just because you went to High Cascade does not mean you need to create some bullshit like that. The word makes sense though. Because “cash” is exactly what you all must have a good amount of to go to HCSC and be ok with standing around filming.

Fern Hill Urban Session: D

You made a poorly filmed/edited video about eating shit on a weak down wall. The last rail is pretty sick, but if you’re going to include shots in edits you should aim to use only shots where you’re not nearly falling off early.

Strike Lapse with Benny Comber: C

The curse of the lure you in to a shitty edit. :09. What the fuck is that? You remind me of a CU first year student riding Breck trying to do all the moves and make a name for himself in the industry.

Session 5 highcascade: B

It seems like as part of HCSC’s orientation they issue a “what to wear and what tricks to do” list. Everyone wants to say they’re individuals and doing their own creative style of snowboarding, but you all look like carbon copies of Jed and Mike Rav. It’s fine if that’s what you’re going for, but call it what it is.

Better Late Than Never: F

You guys just plain suck. And homeboy in the un buttoned Hawaiian shirt looks like an asshole. Thanks for letting us know (they went to flat). That really makes up for how shitty the trick was done. I quit shortly there after. Awful.

Sean Kennedy In Full: F-

After seeing your previous works I didn’t even want to watch this submission. But as it is my job I had to. Immediately I regretted the decision. You need to either A) stop snowboarding or B) stop filming and sharing videos of yourself snowboarding. It makes my eyes bleed.

  • boom

    most of them probably ride better than you, jerm.


    Dont feel to bad we got a F- as well. And I’m pretty sure the guy in the Hawaiian shirt is Napoleon dinomyte with fangs.

  • Jerm, you called that a “down wall” ………………

  • boneyballsack

    Jerm you cant say shit after your performance at comment-con.

  • pol

    that benny comber guy, a whole lot better than jerm. the only thing was his filmer seemed to be in love with head cutting

  • wumbo

    How did that last guy use all those sick fonts and after effects for his video? Oh wait, imovie.

  • A Mexican

    fuckin white people and their snow and shit mang. fuck you mang

  • Max

    Umm most all of them were pretty damn good brahhh!

  • bung hole

    Jerm your an asshole.

  • jerms is a bitch

    no idea what’s wrong with the 4th video. good style, fast pace, good filming and interesting tricks. i sense a little bit of jealousy..

  • 8=====D~~~

    ( . Y . )

  • Mark

    I shaved my pube hair tonight

  • otto rocket

    fuck man most of them were sick. i was expecting some shitty edits to make me feel better about my boarding, but nope

  • otto rocket

    wait just watched the last two, feel better now

  • Timwindells’ballsack

    Last Video 1:18= lifestyle shot of the year

  • wade thomas

    yawnyD … wade thomas approved

  • Yamos

    I’m pretty drunk right now but how did stumped qand Kriss Coll make rejected? Bortth kill, even Spencie Schubiie arpprovved of Kriss

  • Debaser

    oh fuck that last one took the cake

  • Maine Snow?

    well at least they are having fun and im not ganna lie half of them are better then i am

  • Maine Snow?

    oh and bung hole its “you’re” but i agree

  • Larry Hoover

    New standard of snowboarding abilities, get wit it or get out pussies haha

  • eric

    When is Yobeat going to fire Jerm?

  • Rick

    Besides Ben Comber and the high cascade session 5…the reviews were on fire this week. “You can get more laps then a 14-year-old on Red Bull at hyland in this dome. You should be able to put out a better edit.”

  • nicoleMcNulty’s tamponz

    1st year CU students are usually worse than that guy. the zeach front blunt 270 at 0:09 would be their season edit ender on a smaller rail

  • connor

    Jerm complains about “mike rav and jed carbon copies”, but also “CU first year student riding Breck”. Either he needs a stereotypical excuse to hate on every style of video that crosses his path, or he has developed some super top secret new and cool style of snowboarding that we are not aware of.

  • Jerms Viagra Perscription

    Jerms clearly drinking again.

  • lurkin

    jerm rejected session 5 HCSC because he’d rather see more snowboarders in saga than looking like Jed Anderson

  • lurkin

    ok real kris coll kills it why was that shit rejected

  • Meat Mouse

    Did I miss something, what was wrong with strike lapse?

  • a million bucks says jerm doesnt even know the skiers of saga talk shit on him…

  • CornWolf

    YAY! my favorite part of yobeat, hating on horrible people!

  • BarD


  • yoyougotfruit

    How the fuck did stumped just get rejected?

  • z

    author’s snowboarding:


  • bigpeen.

    Yobeat, why the fuck don’t you encourage these kids instead of tear them apart? Every single one of these edits is far better then any talent of brooke, jerm, and lipton. You guys should seriously reevaluate your thought process when it comes to what you post and say.

  • moist.

    the guy in the hawaiian shirt shouldve spent his money on braces to fix his porn star teeth instead of buying his lame ass capita union setup.

  • ChadKroeger

    bigpeen, brooke is a woman that automatically makes her inferior when it comes to snowboarding. jerm should probably just start ski blading. can’t say i’ve ever seen nick lipton slip and slide

  • to those of you getting pissed. “making fun of snowboarding since 1997”. do you get it now? no? well then youre a dumbass. Think about it this way. Would anyone get pissed if the shit I said didnt get to them because its slightly true?

  • Enzo

    Is it me or are the F- edit’s getting better and better…

  • LightMenoras

    happy honika motherfuckers

  • Shrek.

    Well, made my 2nd rejected edit ever in a shower with another guy. #fuckseankennedy

  • MIKEGrass

    stumped 8==D ~~ jerm

  • .

    jerm getting ripped apart! fire him already fuckk

  • Mongolie Crew

    Remember in my email when I said “hey this edit isn’t good enough for yobeat, but I’d like some constructive criticism on it”? Yup, “you guys just plain suck” is pretty constructive. Haha… Thanks Jerm!

  • =

    I don’t think you guys understand how the whole money making/business aspect works. These rejected edits are almost always the most viewed/commented on videos, which means yobeat gets more ad views and more money as well. People come here to either talk shit on the riding or talk shit on jerm. Either way, we continually come to this site and it gets more popularity. So why would they fire jerm if he’s making yobeat more money and more popularity?

  • milk nuggets

    jerm hates on the high cascade session 5 video for too many jed and rav look-a-likes ( wich by the way all those kids in that vid killed it and are pretty much all under the age of 17). did anyone else see jerm ravved out in the comment-con vid? nice face mask and super sick boardslide to jump boardslide tap on that black tube! i wish i could be that good! LEARN YOUR PLACE FOOL

  • ^lets get something straight here. wearing a baseball cap and a face mask is now mike ravs signature look? he should probably get that copyrighted and start collecting royalties then. and that move is the herman. I know my place, its on top of the shit pile that is yobeat commenters.

  • @Mongolie Crew, remember when the submissions email said this “(Please note: We consider all submissions open for mockery. We are Yobeat, after all. If you’re going to be a baby about it, please don’t bother sending them.)”

  • fingaz

    jerm ur a fool Mike Rav did not invent that look.. go back to Noah Salasnek so many fool had that as there signature look please retire

  • CornWolf

    Jerm I feel like you went to soft on these kids. I felt myself needing to hate onto the hate, don’t let this happen again…

  • JH

    kris and wade coll are fuego. they have been riding for like 3 years and are twice as good as any saga wearing chuck that works for this site.

  • rico


  • butthurt snowboarders

    god i love reading the comments of the rejected edits, y’all sound like a bunch of dumbass skiers on!

  • lame

    I honestly hope Yobeat goes out of business. You make fun of kids like Kris and Wade Coll and Cooper Slack and they kill it. They will make a name for themselves bigger in snowboarding than this lame as site. And next time you think about posting a video of any employee snowboarding, or talking, please don’t.

  • This Guy

    Trevor Speranske everyone ^^^^^

  • MIKEGrass

    who remembers snoperception?

  • CornWolf

    AHAHAH! summer shred swiveled, what a pussy!

  • After watching these rejected edits I got the feeling that these edits aren’t that different from what you post on your site.


    fuck these guys i dont watch any of this fucking gapers everywhere.

  • onefootNETHOD

    not gunna lie, besides those last ones, these were all pretty damn good

  • @lame, you want he site that gave the colls and slack their fame to go out of business? did transworld or snowboarder post their videos? would anyone outside of east bumfuck nowhereversville know about the them if it werent for yobeat? get bent. we made fun of them, but it actually gave them more exposure than they would have ever had.

  • kaboom

    jerm chews poop when it comes to snowboarding, and youre a better skier. look at swap day footy #nuffsaid

  • d minus a penus

    Benny Comber…C only, damn!? Cash wasnt too horrible… i mean some kids with a camera? not shabs…but youtube is fierce with them hot shits…

    uh… park edits only ?(as usual)… that as a whole deserves a D-

    damn, what is snowboarding to do.?

  • Ken “Blizzy” Block

    Is jerm a boy or a girl? he seems like a pussy but i dont know because he acts like he fucks girls but i really dont think so because he is a big fucking twerp bitch and girls don’t fuck with that. I’d sock him pretty hard and make his ears ring

  • Richard Burns

    @Ken “Blizzy” Block First of all what the fuck kinda name is blizzy? That nickname makes you sound like a whore bitch that takes loads to the face every night. Also your little comment about “socking” jerm in the face was pussy shit, and i bet you couldnt even find jerm. Now “Blizzy” i’m gonna give you some advice internet violence makes you look like the bitch, you sound like a bitch, and bend over and get fucked like a bitch.