Indoor Adventures in Germany


Here’s a summer time edit that might as well be a winter time edit, cause we assume the snow pack doesn’t change too much with the seasons in a dome.

Featuring all your favorite Euros: Matic Zavodnik, David Struber, Vid Baric, Pashko Standl and Georg Obermeissner

  • Pirate

    It’s pretty sure that they will never get sun tan.

  • A$AP


  • Robbo

    tropcamp! it was a god time

  • blunt-pretzel

    Cody Wilson…… Cody Wilson everywhere

  • the forehead

    @matic mike rav or jed anderson make up your mind

  • Pat Millberry

    What am I doing in this movie?

  • YMR

    Europe is weird because people think BMX is cooler than skateboarding, and all anybody really wants to do is get dressed up like a dweeb and smoke cigs

  • Pirate

    ^ No, it’s not.
    Ok for the cigs.

  • i thought the first kid was jesse gouveia.

  • GetWyld

    they have perfected the yobeat edit

  • Emma Watson Sit On My Face

    Sick style

  • mdot

    place looks fun. that being said this video sucked and the ender was an early off

  • Rick

    Quit screwing around and go brew me some beer.

    Just kidding cool edit. That place looks fun.

  • chazmichaels

    love it


    summer of slow mo edits?

  • CHURch

    who is cody wilson! matic doesn’t have to make up his mind cause he has his own recognisable style…

  • merica

    The Euros are finally catching on

  • Blood fart

    Was that lucas magoon


    meh they still suck

  • skweeb

    seems ridiculous that they are all riding 142s with a 14 inch stance