Win: A Winter Refresher Pack from Burton


Daniel Marth from Renton, Washington wins the refresher pack from Burton. All kitted up! Answers are below.

1. Name three of the five riders on the Burton Global team whose first and last names start with the same letter.
Jeremy Jones, Danny Davis, and John Jackson

2. What competition is Burton holding in New Zealand August 16th and 17th?
High Fives

3. Name three riders on the Burton Youth team.
Red Gerard, Kyle Mack, and Ayumu Hirano

4. Burton has a program for first time snowboarders. What is it called?
Experience Snowboarding

5. Which legendary rider’s name is bestowed on the Burton R&D facility in Burlington?
The one and only Craig Kelly

The prize packs include:

For Dudes

Men’s Hackett Jacket — True Black

Men’s Totem Hoodie — True Black

Men’s All Day Long Beanie 3 Pack

Men’s Party Sock

For Babes

Women’s Pineview Jacket — Hex

Women’s Hangover Hoodie — Gray Heather

Women’s Big Bertha Beanie

Women’s Party Sock

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  1. Emma Watson Sit On My Face
    Emma Watson Sit On My Face says:

    HOW MANY PBRS IS ENOUGH? I’m at 13 and I aint even drunk. am I drinking water? well I’m going to kill this 30 rack. for science. Pussy riot.

  2. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    Wow, you guys are so co for hating burton. I’m impressed at how anti-corporate you are. Oh wait…Burton’s still privately owned by the dude who started it and not some crazy conglomerate?? Oh crap…I guess you’re not as anti-corporate as you thought.

  3. matt
    matt says:

    1) john jackson, jeremy jonse, and danny davise
    2) high five
    3) kyle mack, nik baden, and gabe furguson
    4) learn to ride
    5) Terje

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