The Launch of the Interior Plain Project

The Interior Plain Project, born from the desire to embody the creative freedom that snowboarding and skateboarding thrive on, will launch its premier collection for the 12/13 season. The Interior Plain Project will design and build seasonal collections. While snowboards will be the foundation, the selection of additional goods will vary based on the theme of each collection. This will allow The Interior Plain Project to work with other brands or manufacturers to make specific items that enhance each season’s line. The intent is to be ever-changing like the lifestyle we lead, not confined by branding or limited by categories.

The Interior Plain Project is reaching out to specialty board shops that we believe drive our culture through participation and knowledge. It’s our belief that in supporting these specialty board shops, we help ensure the culture won’t be watered down for future purveyors. The launch of The Interior Plain Project is highly fueled by these storefronts and their struggle to obtain unique goods and stories.

Our boards are being hand built in Canada by a group of five innovative and experienced craftsmen and women. We searched for a partner who understands our perspective and desire for quality. Having our boards built in North America means a lot to us.

The first collection, launching Fall 2012, is titled Dark Meadows. The Dark Meadows Collection draws inspiration from a visual perspective of covert evil: the shadows that move at the edge of the woods, silhouettes on a moonlit evening that can’t be accounted for, the eerie stillness before a massive storm. This initial collection will comprise snowboards, tees, fleece, and headwear. Find the Dark Meadows collection at the finest Midwestern
Board shops this coming fall.

— the interior plain project
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  • sharkmaster

    Interior Plain Project is what snowboarding needs.

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  • gouu

    so this is a want to be commune? seems pretty played out

  • jeansleeves

    @gouu you just dont get it

  • skeptical. im sure what theyre trying to do is good but the way they describe it and try to sell it just sounds like a bunch of generic bullshit. seems like more of an art project than a snowboard brand. which is fine, just call it what it is.

  • Enzo

    Snowboarding is an art project. Not in the typical,sit in your ass and critique untill you find something that fits your “niche”, but in the form of self expression through a common or lost medium. There are no rules, thus there are no standards. Hustle, make money and then move to Portland and build motorcycles and get tattoos. Or jus work in a sandwich shop and shut the fuck up… Everyone loves sandwiches! Maybe that’s an art…

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    @jeansleeves. your probably affiliated with this bull shit.

  • glad you found a new niche project to jump on since atmosphere shit the bed enzo.

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    Hold the mayo and extra tomatoes please. Oh and it’s to-go. Thanks bud;)

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    Fuck yeah

  • @gouu
    Go Fuck Yourself.

  • jerm. you are seriously a fuckin loser. along with lipton. along with this website

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    @jerm I’m with @enzo on this one. why can’t a brand be artistic? He is selling products, so thats what it is, a brand, and it’s fucking awesome.