Firing Squad August Champions Battle

We’ve made it through 4 weeks of skateboard battles which means, it’s time to crown a champ! The lensman behind one of these photos will be bringing home a brand new Burton Camera pack and which one is entirely up to you. Don’t think you can compare the photos cause the tricks/styles/locations are too different? Too bad, you guys picked up with your votes and/or indifference! So no take this vote seriously and pick your favorite shot.

Week 1 Winner: Johnny Huege

Week 2 Winner: Max Lyons

Week 3 Winner: Mike Miller

Week 4 Winner: Clayton Schleg

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SEND US GOOD PHOTOS! We’re switching back to snow next week/ Learn how you could be a part of the Firing Squad here.


  • FUCK

    week 4. errday

  • Week 2 Winner…


  • dixie normous

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

  • dick poncho

    5th option for jackkthemackk?

  • J Nelly

    Miller time. Beer Squad with a massive ollie

  • Chicago


  • Ty Buttle

    JHiggz 4 PrEz!

  • I voted for #1, the shadows and lines are so sick!

  • I honestly can’t vote for any of these.

  • Bonez


  • yobeatmymeat

    woooo popularity contest