Jamie Orkin at Brighton


Remember a time when it seemed like every edit on Yobeat was from Brighton? Take a break from the Hood edits and relive those times now with this video of Jamie Orkin from last season, with a special cameo from Ben Hannon.

Edit: Seamus Foster

  • …The Offspring?

  • Don Perignon

    The Fat Sack

  • DrSeuss

    Apparently these kids did see keep the change, or any looonatics stuff with that creeper rail.


    this was amazing! fuck ben though.

  • RustBus

    Hell Yeah Bonedogg!

  • stop doing jummps my internet real bad so I t looks like just messing around do rails though bcause i can kindof g et the jisst of what isup

  • pattmerson

    Dont insult THE ben hannon. he has magical ginger powers

  • i can dig it

  • boneyballsack

    so thats what real snow looks like, the east coast got screwed so hard last winter

  • @@@@@@@brighton

    ^ this wasnt even close to real snow last season, the season before you may have well just shredded butter.

  • sluicebox

    lol song transported me back to middle school when i went snowboarding for the first time and rode the bus to bachelor with my cousin…i got scared when i got off the main lift and then i took my board off to walk down but i dropped it and it slid all the way down. it was sick

  • Schmegma

    can’t go to fast on that jed board now can yah

  • Larry Hoover

    My Nigga!

  • Sander Tha Salamander

    yeaaaahhhhh jamie and shaun white

  • luke

    very solid riding and the song went surprisingly good with it.

  • stoopkidsforlyfe.

  • poopdix

    no posers here. Fuck yea Jamie!!!

  • chief

    clean up your style boss

  • Zoid

    Porkin Orkin for days!

  • jeff koons

    great stuff. art only happens when you see it. it happens to the eye of the human. this is art.

  • RI

    the leader of the zeach kids!

  • @Chief

    shut up bitch

  • squares

    ahh, song from the nomis days at coc edit…brings me back to 07.

  • Sweater Puppets

    nice buttrock

  • chief

    you got it chief

  • those tricks were so last winter..

  • ezra

    fuck yeah, those tricks were COOL