How Red Gerard Spent his Summer Vacation

We know you’ve been wondering where Red Gerard is in this year’s Best Summer Ever series. At least, we have. Luckily, Parker is on the case and even got Red to answer some questions about his summer vacation.

What have you been up to?

Well I have been in Hood for the whole summer again and have been having another “best summer ever”, riding, skating, going to Hood River and cliff jumping (the little ones) at Punchbowl Falls.

You spent the whole summer at Mt Hood again, where did you stay this time around?

My whole family and I are here in Govy and we are staying in the Grand Lodges next to Collins Lake. I like being up in Govy better than down in Welches. I get to hang with friends easier up here.

Where did you ride?

Mostly at HCSC but also Windell’s, and public park as well.

Who watched over you this time since Brenden moved to LA? Did you miss him?

Well last summer Brendan had to watch me, but this summer he needed to babysit my brother Trevor, who just moved to LA. You know, you gotta be willing to make sacrifices for the good of the family…. So, my mom and dad are with me this time but I miss Brendan so much. Riding with him every day was a dream come true. One of my brothers, Malachi, is here though, my team manager at Burton got him a pass to HCSC this past session so he could film. We had so much fun riding together. It was kinda of a bummer not being able to ride at the camps with him this summer. I ended up spending a lot of time riding public park too

What’s been your favorite part about Hood this summer?

Well we had a 3-day Burton shoot. Two of the three days were night shoots and I had so much fun getting snowmobile rides and riding with my friends Brock Crouch and Gabe Ferguson. I had the best time of my life.

Do you have a girlfriend yet?

There are so many girls at camp seems like it would be easy. No I don’t, they all leave at the end of the session, then it would be like a phone relationship, haha.

Do you think they think you’re a little girl because your hair is longer than theirs?

Haha, yeah probably.

Who have you been riding with? What groms should we be watching out for?

I have been riding with every one from last year, Toby, Gabe, Chandler Hunt (watch out for Chandler) not Tucker Andrews, where is that dude anyway?

Probably hiking through the mountains in the middle of nowhere being awesome. Have you landed the double cork this summer?

No I have not. The next one is cab double nine I haven’t done it yet because I am scared and waiting for a perfect jump at Breck

Whats the wildest thing you have seen this summer?

Most definitely the Chinese person who did the triple backie on a 45 footer.

I’m pretty sure that guys was Japanese.

Whoops, how am I supposed to know these things.

Whats new with Cobradogs? Are you still interning there?

Haha, haven’t been working as munch this summer but they’ve still been hookin me up.

What are your plans for this upcoming season? Contests? Traveling? Where are you gonna be?

I think kinda the same places as last year but I want to do a lot of powder and street, not just be a park rat.

Who is sponsoring you these days?

Arnette, Burton, Woodward at Copper, Celtek, NXTZ, Cobra Dogs, Stance socks, Skullcandy and Hobo

  • BLAX

    RED!! Killing it man!

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    Red Gerard fears no-one.

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    hands down one of the most humble, and out going kids in snowboarding. trevor speranski take note you little fuck.

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    Oh the privileges some children have..

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    I wish I wasnt working at a chinese resturant this summer and was snowboarding and skating about everyday. This kid is chill as fuck he deserves it!

  • Ashtray Life

    i have gotten the pleasure of riding with red and his brother, brenden at breck and key. these are the two nicest kids youll ever meet in the snowboarding industry. red killin it like always!

  • this kid is terrible for his age

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    I know nothing about trevor speranske until I read that comment. could somebody tell me why he’s hated? I youtube him and a video with 1200 views has almost 400 dislikes.. hahaha

    On Red, met him this summer, and he’s super humble, and super sick

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    looks exactly like a long haired mini scotty arnold in that first pic

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    style for days. and a good kid too

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