Boardin’ Boreal- Max Tokunaga


Summer camp superstar Max Tokunaga’s full part from the winter at Boreal.

Video by Paul Heran and Bryce Hymans

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  1. brighton laps
    brighton laps says:

    Only thing gayer than the kid snowboarding was the song in the background oh wait no the gayest part is two dudes made that! Shits wack lap brighton boreals wack your tricks are beat

  2. Boriental
    Boriental says:

    The amount of people falling on the lips in this video is pretty much your average day at Boreal.

  3. Schno Way
    Schno Way says:

    This one time I saw a Jed Anderson section, and then I went and bought a helmet, sunglasses, and a scarf.

  4. larry
    larry says:

    i can tell by that tail whip in the beginning that he has spent some time on a razor scooter….

  5. Helmets
    Helmets says:

    Or people that want a career outside of snowboarding and don’t want to fuck their head up in the process of having a good time

  6. Bert LaMar
    Bert LaMar says:

    Wow! And I thought my hair cutting carer was a lame move.

    As good as you utes are, you make the same boring edits over and over (and over) again to the modern day equivalent of Wham!

  7. G
    G says:

    I feel like this kid gets his whole personality, mannerisms, and riding style from watching Hood camp edits all day and doing the exact same shit

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