Under Review: Mind the Video Man


Mind the Video Man is a video that will hit closer to home with Yobeat readers than many other for a few reasons, but mostly because it’s great. The always-creative mind of the video man Jesse Burtner does not disappoint, even starting with the intro. The Tim Burton-esque kick off is a nice break from the standard lifeys of people crying or laughing with sponsor titles flashing intermittently. A few of the Think Thank veterans voice over their filming and snowboarding careers before they kick it over to the man behind the magic, who stars in the pre-opener opener.

Burtner puts together a classic part, even more impressive considering all the work he must be doing to produce the whole movie, and the show hasn’t even started yet. The “Mind the Video Man” title comes on and ushers in Brandon Hammid, who lets you know this video is going to have a certain unique feel. Nearly every shot in his part was a two or more rail/street feature line. His ender line had everyone knocked back a few feet. (Spoiler alert: regular and switch bs lips through a down-flat-down-flat.)

By this point the movie has hit its groove and you can expect everything that is a Think Thank production. Almost the whole thing feels crew-based, but highlights each rider’s unique style. It’s clear there were trips with several of the riders in the same spots, with each putting their own twist on them. Some of the major highlights were Nial Romanek’s control and diversity on all things street, Brandon Reis’s mix of A-list level rail moves and deep bag of jump tricks, Ryan Paul’s flips on and of course off rails, Scott Stevens and Jaeger Bailey doing flips where others would normally 360 and Ted Borland’s overall creativity and pretzel ender.

So on to the ender. I’m sure you’re scratching your head and running through the list of riders to think who it could be. And honestly when I saw the name Curtis Woodman, I was a bit surprised. But after just the first few shots, it was very clear why he was closing out this movie. The theme of Think Thank flicks is to make snowboarding what you want and Curtis does this very well. His riding takes a jibber’s approach to back country charging, where he’s constantly popping, spinning and buttering off everything in site and it will make you want to drop everything and go ride.

Think Thank videos have ranged from just plain weird, to outright amazing and this one is on the latter end of that scale. I highly suggest you get your own copy as it is sure to be one of the videos you watch before riding to get amped up and think of something new to do.


    the dwd movie is gonna be off the chizzzaiinnn!!

  • Wolf Pussy

    One/no binding tricks were cool in 2007

  • Tre Squad


  • BHamma’s about to drop some jaws.

  • Rick Ross’s Diabetic Uncle

    Did you see the premiere at High Cascade or some shit then post a review and get my hopes up that it was out but it actually doesn’t come out for another month or so? Because it certainly looks like you did that.

  • Shaun White AKA Mr. Blanco

    Hey Yobeat! Its the best snowboarder on earth Shaun White.
    Sense all i care about is money, I was thinkin you guys could make some extra dough by doin Tricks Tips. Maybe show all of us how to Zeach? I saw JP Walker do it with that 500 on thingy I’ve been dying to learn that move!

  • Churrboy

    Brandon Hammid is about to let everyone know, hes easily the most underrated rail rider out. PERIOD. Watch and learn.


  • NicoleMcnultysPussy

    from San Diego

  • yobeatmymeat

    $poiler on yo azze$…stevens comin hard with a straight up knee slide…unreal. gofuckyoselvez.

  • ^benedek did it years ago. but it was sick to see again.

  • throwback leak

    next time bring orange slices

  • mr&mrsdouchebag

    WOODMAN ender!!! fuck yes

  • I’ma buy the shit out of this…

  • Schmegma

    curious to see the UP spots

  • Schmegma

    nice comment shayne

  • Schmegma

    NMU or SMD

  • arielle richard

    this review ruined the video for any one who hasnt seen it yet.

  • NMU

    quality story from channel 6 marquette

  • zander

    curtis is fucking legned

  • boss

    saw it at hcsc so good, nials part was sick

  • prego

    was kind of bummed on all the social media references