Jeremy Jones’ Further Trailer


Once again, Jeremy Jones proves who’s really real.

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  1. KC KYLE
    KC KYLE says:

    what it is about right there kiddos. eat some shrooms, hike your balls off, ride the gnarliest line of your life

  2. mn
    mn says:

    Thats the life right there gentlemen.

    @KC KYLE
    Fuck that! I like getting as messed up as the next guy but I guarantee a bad trip would ensue half way up that mountain. No need for a hippy trip, Adrenaline be pumping bruhh

  3. KC KYLE
    KC KYLE says:

    do it on a super safe day or stay away from sketch zones, only with the best of the best homies. munch 1g right as you start, 1.5+/- half way up your line, hydrating with h2o/pbr to take that edge off. smoke a fat bowl right before you drop. were talking normal bc shit not this insanity, you know hike 3 hours for a sick line of some untouched. but definitely drop a big cliff & some pillows. the deeper the snow the better. fuck i cant wait. best i’ve ever rode is completely faced. and to anyone who thinks thats fucked up and stupid. fuck you, you don’t know shit about living life. drrrruggggssssssss

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