SHRD IT – EPISODE 1 is coming. Click the above image to view the first “SHRD it” episode featuring ripping riders you’ve never heard of. What is SHRD, you asked? Well, here’s what you need to know:

– SHRD muddles the lines between Snowboard Shop, and Snowboard Brand.

– is the most Snowboard focused shop online.

– will only offer products from the best snowboard brands. That’s it, that’s all.

– will offer it’s customers to be part of it’s SHRD Status Program, which will be the first of it’s kind. Customer’s will receive store credit for every purchase they make, and will receive free products as their SHRD status increases.

– is the official shop of High Cascade Snowboard Camp.

– SHRD will release a SHRDit every 3 months. These edits will feature radical dudes that you never heard of.

– It is rumored that SHRD will be the first snowboard shop to offer a “Kit Builder” for the customer, allowing them to build a virtual Voltron of products to see how all your gear looks together before purchase. will launch August 10th, 2012. Register now at

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  1. KC KYLE
    KC KYLE says:

    @ they forgot the e,

    go drink a monster, while ordering your redbull stickers, after getting your rockstar tat. yobeat can support whoever the fuck they want. faggot.

  2. matt
    matt says:

    whoa dog… is that like, a sharks mouth dog? trippppppyyy brooo. shredding sharks dog no way

  3. jonas
    jonas says:

    No Supreme shit, that’s not snowboarding. No Booby trap either, dipshit, SHRD love tha Kids. Drink Water. Sharks will rule forever. Jackthreads sells jock gear, dildo.…….out.

  4. justin
    justin says:

    Agree with @Dr.Phil. There were some names in that edit — Tim Eddy and Brandon Cocard for sure…I think Jonah Owen “Mr. Wang” had the ender


  5. mn
    mn says:

    ill agree with @phil, If eddy backs it I feel like its legit. Then again I don’t know him personally and he could just want me Visa account. Its a crazy world

  6. shaquille o'neil
    shaquille o'neil says:

    I get to see how my gear looks altogether before I purchase it???? Where do I sign up!!!!

  7. Third Man
    Third Man says:

    @ Tim Horton, as a small family owned shop employee I thank you for your stance on buying local

  8. billrosewood
    billrosewood says:

    I don’t know know why jonas is attacking me. I like jackthreads and the owner is super nice, i wanted to say the same for but Im off to a rocky start it seems. Which is unfortunate because i wanted to like it.

  9. jonas
    jonas says:


    My apologies. SHRD isn’t a giant online store like Jackthreads.

    It’s a small operation out of Oregon, which is local to our friends at Yobeat.

    Your welcome anytime on our site.

    Have a great winter.

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